Thursday, March 24, 2022

Why the Russians Are Losing

 Retired Gen. Hedges explains that the reason Russia did not take down the Ukrainian cell phone system (which he says would have been his first few minutes action) was that the Russian military is using it.  I have also read Russian Army radio communications are not encrypted (which the cellphones are).  Triangulation or even just listening should tell you where every target is located.  Did the Russians not figure out encrypted radios?  Or did the 2014 sanctions cut off the chips needed for such radios and they decided to rely on the Ukrainian cell phone network?


  1. In 1914, the Russian army had recently begun using radios, but did not encrypt their messages. The Austrian army listened in, and discovered that Russian troops were pouring through a gap in the Austrian front. This allowed most of their troops to escape encirclement (though it was still a major Russian victory).

    They learned better, and during WW II Soviet ciphers were very secure.

    But now they become grossly careless and lazy, and make the same mistake? After over a hundred years?

  2. During WWII, the company that prepared their one-time pads got lazy and started using duplicate sheets in their books.

    That's where the Venona intercepts came from. The NSA program for breaking them ran from 1946-1980, but the traffic was from 1943-1945.