Monday, March 28, 2022

Darn Clever Alternative to a Traditional Dosimeter

Rad Triage Model50 on Amazon is a credit card sized gadget that shows cumulative exposure in millisieverts.  No batteries, no calibration.   Made in the USA.  For Civil Defense use, moving this from your lead lined box to just outside your shelter for a few minutes will tell you how serious things remain outside.  It is of limited long term value and will not help as much as a survey meter.  It is good for two years after you remove it from the freezer and up to 10 years in the freezer.  If I expected multiple apocalyptic disasters I would get a new survey meter, but I doubt there will even be one in my lifetime.  Reviews suggest that many are shipped near expiration date.

Interesting that the NukAlert device hyped by Instapundit is also US made by KI4U.  This is cool alternative to a Geiger counter.  Not cheap but warrantied including the battery for 10 years.

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