Monday, March 14, 2022

Have You Used A USB to HDMI Cable for a Display?

 There are cables made that claim to do this, but so far they are not Plug and Play or claim that I need to download a dcevice driver... but the seller never responds with where.


  1. Running an HDMI display from a USB port?

    I've only done that through a proper docking station. I'm using the Dell 3100 now.

    But that's a >$100 device with a separate power code, which doesn't sound like what you're looking for.

  2. use a cable bought on Amazon made by Warrky. No additional hardware or drivers needed and has been working just fine for about a year now. Link is:

  3. I have, and found that they have a HUGE amount of processor overhead.
    Not sure why, or what the driver does, but it seemed to greatly slow my computer.
    If you find one that works well, please tell us where and what it is.

    1. I ended up ordering an adapter from Lenovo (about $80). I need an HDMI cable from adapter to monitor, but I have one laying around. I suspect the Lenovo will work well; in any case, this PC has more processing power than I have any need.