Clayton Cramer was born in Everett, Washington, but grew up primarily in Southern California, graduating from Santa Monica High School in 1974.  He ran out of money at the end of his first year of college, and since he could not get a part-time job flipping burgers (he was not qualified to do that, it seems), he took the only full-time job available to him: writing telemetry software at Jet Propulsion Labs for the Voyager mission to the outer planets.

Clayton married Rhonda Louise Thorne in 1980, and they have two wonderful children, both of whom have left the nest.

Clayton worked for several mildly successful startups in Telecom Valley, north of San Francisco, playing a small part in the development of the first Bellcore-certified fully integrated fiber optic digital loop carrier, and the first Bellcore-certified DSL access multiplexer.

Clayton completed his BA in History (Computer Science minor) at Sonoma State University in 1994, and his MA in History from Sonoma State University in 1998.

He now lives in Idaho.  A heart attack in 2014 caused a stroke (roto-rootering the clogged artery sent debris to his brain),  He is now semi-retired, writes articles for a variety of online and print publications, writes books, and runs a small business manufacturing telescope accessories. Sleep is for weaklings.


  1. Just read your article in the Columbus (OH) Dispatch, Mentally ill have been left to fend for themselves. One word: Excellent!!!!!

  2. Just finished reading your article, Mentally ill have been left to fend for themselves, in the Columbus (OH) Dispatch. One word: Excellent!

  3. Hi Clayton:

    I just found an article that you wrote cited on Breitbart News:


    Best wishes for your continued recovery!


  4. Hey, there!

    My family has been coming up to Payette Lake since the 1920's. My wife and I go up to the lake almost every year. We used to see your house perched up above the highway and ask, "I wonder who lives up there?"

    One day I was looking at a picture of your driveway and I showed my wife. I said, "I know where this guy lives. He's on the right on the way to the lake."

    The family has a place on the northern part of the lake on Warren Wagon road.

    Call me. Maybe you could stay at the cabin for a weekend. Who knows?

    Michael Bixby Dudley
    (Great Grandson of Stowell Dudley)

    p.s. Leave me a voicemail or text me, as I have unknown-number call-blocking software on this cell number 'cause of spam calls offering me mucho Viagra!

  5. Do-Rightight: I will call when I have submitted grades for the semester.