Thursday, March 17, 2022

From Now On, I Will Go the New York Times for Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

But I will use a time machine because again "conspiracy theory=spoiler alert." 3/16/22 New York Times: (The article is behind a paywall that relies either on
IP address or cookies, so I opened it from Linux in a VMWare virtual machine.)

Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Broad Federal Investigation Continues

The Justice Department inquiry into the business dealings of the president’s son has remained active, with a grand jury seeking information about payments from around the world.

 WASHINGTON — In the year after he disclosed a federal investigation into his “tax affairs” in late 2020, President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, paid off a significant tax liability, even as a grand jury continued to gather evidence in a wide-ranging examination of his international business dealings, according to people familiar with the case. Mr. Biden’s failure to pay all his taxes has been a focus of the ongoing Justice Department investigation. While wiping out his liability does not preclude criminal charges against him, the payment could make it harder for prosecutors to win a conviction or a long sentence for tax-related offenses, according to tax law experts, since juries and judges tend to be more sympathetic to defendants who have paid their bills. 

But Mr. Biden’s taxes are just one element of the broader investigation stemming from work he did around the world. Hunter Biden is a Yale-educated lawyer; his professional life has intersected with his father’s public service, including working as a registered lobbyist for domestic interests and, while his father was vice president, pursuing deals and clients in Asia and Europe. 

As recently as last month, the federal grand jury heard testimony in Wilmington, Del., from two witnesses, one of whom was a former employee of Hunter Biden whose lawyer was later subpoenaed for financial records that reflected money Mr. Biden received from a Ukrainian energy company. 

The investigation, which began as a tax inquiry under the Obama administration, widened in 2018 to include possible criminal violations of tax laws, as well as foreign lobbying and money laundering rules, according to the people familiar with the inquiry.

Remember when the Democratic media (but I repeat myself) claimed that was Russian misinformation and New York Post coverage was banned by social media?

And the discovery that 10% of Hunter's profit from these deals made while on trips with Vice President Biden went to "the Big Guy," identified by another participant as Joe Biden?  Imagine if Trump, Jr. had been caught doing this.  Would we have not heard about it just before the election?

But no mean tweets!

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