Sunday, March 6, 2022

Need a Long 8-32 Knurled Thumbscrew

 Like 2-4".  Yes, no one makes them.  Perhaps an 8-32 long screw with a press on knurled head?

Press on knurled heads that press onto 8-32 SHCS screws.  Here are the 8-32 x 4" 8-32 SHCS screws.  100 pack where I need 4.

Thanks all.  I really only needed 2" long.  Why did I think that I needed 4"?  Because when I ordered a long Allen head wrench to reach these set screws I ordered a 5" long one.  The current screws are not that far in.  Some 2" screws will do the job.  I may skip the thumb screw completely.   They would be more elegant than just an Allen head wrench but if the diameter of the head is too long, there might be interference problems. 

I discovered some 2" long 8-32 SHCSs in one of my many drawers of SHCS screws.  McMaster Carr had "Screw-Head Mount Knob Knurled Grip, Acetal, for Number 4 Screw Size, Black".  The diameter will not interfere.


  1. Why not make your own?

    Or use a screw long enough and cast a head out of epoxy....

  2. Try McMaster Carr:

  3. 8-32 threaded rod and a hacksaw?

    McMaster-Carr has everything.

  4. Sometimes I make a thumbscrew by threading a wing nut on a regular screw and running it all the way to the top (with the wings facing the screw head), where it is glued/welded/jamnutted in place. But first you gotta find the regular screw. You can get them at a hardware store. You may have to grind down the outer part of the head so the wing nut wings will not interfere.

  5. Clayton, try McMaster-Carr, they show a five pack of alloy and one pack of stainless. Watch the shipping cost though.

  6. You have a lathe, don't you? It's simple enough to make those
    knurled heads to press onto SHCSs, I've done it many times. I usually use brass because it looks nice and I have lots of it. Aluminum would also work.

  7. I have no knurler. Threaded rod? Did not think of that! Thanks.