Monday, March 14, 2022

Linux on My Big Monitor

 When I ran Linux under VMWare Workstation (which I highly recommend) the display size was always a bit smaller than I wanted.  But now I can run 2560x1920.  Of course, this means changing the default font sizes in emacs, package manager, etc.  Still worth it.

DDD was less than optimal for changing font size.  Changing 120 to 200 required adjusting DDD init file.  Somehow these sizes became 120200.  DDD did not open well until I fixed that.

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  1. On a (very) slightly related subject, in your blogroll to the right, Instapundit's listings don't update correctly. "Instapundit" does, but the part below that gives a capsule summary of the latest posting does not, so it indicates that the site hasn't been updated in five months, which, in fact, it is still updating as regularly as always, but not the summary.