Sunday, March 6, 2022

Aussies in Ukraine

3/6/22 Daily Mail has pictures of Royal Australian Air Force unloading weapons at a Ukrainian air field. With the C-17's range they obviously stopped along the way or were aerially refueled to make that trip.  Aussies made a name for themselves in the sandbox for being tough.  It is good to have allies like them.

3/5/22 ChicagoBoyz has a detailed examination of what the Russians have done wrong and the Ukrainians have done right.  This includes a detailed discussion of that 40 mile long Russian traffic accident north of Kyiv.  As I have previously mentioned, failure to start the engines regularly meant that the tires were not kept inflated.  The tires are Chinese and apparently have suffered sidewall failures.  

The first trucks in the convoy ran out of fuel.  The road and shoulders are so crowded that the Russian Army cannot get fuel and food to the front of rhe convoy, so they are all stuck.  Nor can the ones with intact tires go off road; the Ukrainians have flooded the surrounding area.  Much as General Mud eventually defeated Napoleon and Hitler's invasions of Russia, General Mud is defeating Russia.  But the Russians did a lot more to themselves to guarantee their own failure.  It is worth reading in full.


  1. I thought the twitter experts had demonstrated by tread-analysis that the tires are Belshina-95, rather than Yellow Sea YS20.

  2. Link is to the Newsweek Visa Mastercard article from a previous post, rather than to the Dailymail article about C17 delivery of supplies to Ukraine: