Monday, March 7, 2022

Just in Case Someone Else Has This Problem

 My Pentax KS-1 started misbehaving this morning.  I turned it on and in Auto mode and in the viewfinder all that came up was F--.  No other data was visible.  It was specific to the Pentax 100-300mm lens; all other lens worked fine.  I rubbed the contacts on lens and camera body since it seemed to not be talking to the lens.  It was actually that I had somehow turned the aperture lens to one of the manual settings instead of A (for auto).  The camera was asking for lens aperture and getting no sensible answer.  Setting the ring to A and all is well.  I am glad that I did not go into Idaho Camera for this.


  1. I am also glad you didn't go to Idaho camera as well since they folded in September 2020!