Thursday, March 10, 2022

Lord of the Rings

I am watching a Radio Free Europe report of Ukrainian soldiers freeing a village of Russian soldiers.  One of the Ukrainian soldiers says they are freeing them of "orcs."

"We will kill them all for Maripoul.  We will multiply them by 0."



  2. I am watching a Radio Free Europe report...

    Remember that I mentioned to you an agency employee who was involved, on the ground, arming Syrian rebels (to, in his words, advance the American "empire")? Guess what his cover was.

    Possibly the biggest under-reported scandal in American history, imo, is the IC's work to manipulate domestic and international opinion under the guise of "journalism."

    (That's not to say the specific item you saw is false or misleading, but I bristle when I see the organization's name.)

  3. I do not remember that. Any CIA employee using the word "empire" to describe America was likely aiming for irony.

  4. "Another guy I know personally, same employer as above, worked directly to arm Syrian rebels against Assad. His view of American conflict with Russia and China is pure power politics. He explicitly believes it's our 'empire' (his word) vs theirs, and we need to dominate them for that reason alone. My favorite part of this is that his favorite political publication is Jacobin, a quasi-Marxist anti-American rag."

    - 31 December 2021

    He wasn't being ironic. This is a friend and former colleague, and I've discussed American foreign policy aims with him many times.