Monday, March 28, 2022

Implausible Stories


Los Angeles County, Cal. (1939)

Before 12/13/1939: Police refused to believe that the driver “leaped from the auto, not even breaking his eyeglasses, before it plunged end-over-end down the mountainside [a thousand foot drop] and crushed the other occupants to death.”  The dead were his wife, three children, a boarder in their home.  He had $27,000 in life insurance on his family.

Category: family

Suicide: no

Cause: greed

Weapon: blunt injury[1]

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  1. Nowadays when people claim mutilation at the hands of a stranger to collect on an insurance policy, it is amazing how often when it is a hand mutilated, it is the non-dominant hand, or they remove a valuable wristwatch before steeling themselves to self-inflicted pain.