Friday, March 4, 2022

There Are No New Ideas

I am reading Edgar Rice Burroughs' Princess of Mars, and I can immediately see from where Jabba the Hutt comes.

It is terribly outdated by now with what we know of Mars, but it is still a pretty entertaining adventure story.  Parts of it are passable science fiction within the constraints of what we knew of the Red Planet at the time (which was precious little).  I keep imagining the ferocious six-legged multitusked "dog" (or its Martian equivalent "Woola" and how much the CGI guys would have had creating this beast which seems like a bigger and uglier version of my Springer Spaniels.

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  1. No need to wonder--they did a passable job with Woola in the John Carter film a few years ago, which sadly tried to compress the first three or so ERB books into one story and got it pretty muddled as a result.