Thursday, March 24, 2022

One Reason I Read Instapundit

 is the bizarre stories he finds.  3/22/22 Orange County Register:

A 113-pound mountain lion gave clients at an Irvine hair salon a shock on Tuesday afternoon as he darted past the shop – and then ran straight into the glass.

“I was standing at the front desk and a client says, ‘Oh my God,’ said Elliot Matthews, an employee at Bishops Cuts and Colors in Sand Canyon Plaza. “All I saw at first was this big thing and a tail.”

Great pictures of the kitty leaping as though it saw an environmentalist covered in A-1.

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  1. Twenty-six years of not telling the Mountain Lions they aren't the top animal on the food chain by hunting them has brought us to the point that the lions want to take a vacation in the city. I wonder how long it will be until a child in the CITY of all places is stalked by a big cat as if it were a raccoon or dog. "But they were here first." I have to check my 1942 Boy Scout handbook to see what they said were the former range for Mountain Lions and Coyotes.
    When we get black bears roaming our cities, will it be any more hazardous than the two-leggeds we have now, what with Gascon and other criminally treasonous attorneys General refusing to prosecute violent crimes.