Thursday, March 10, 2022

Spreading Panic is Not an Effective Strategy for Vaccine Skeptics

I received an email claiming:

Good morning, I'm sending this on to a few friends and family that may have received a va#cine that may have changed your natural immune system.  Many people have suffered heart attacks while playing sports and exercising beyond what they could do before the sh#t. Return of a cancer or a new cancer is now another issue. We have a friend that had her nervous system compromised and is having a hard time with her mobility. 

Now heart attacks would be a plausible concern.  They are discovered quickly.  (Been there; still have some of the bills.)  Cancers are usually slow growing and thus seldom spotted in the early stages.  To believe that vaccines injected less then two years ago are causing cancers that are being spotted less than two years later is just panic porn.

From the Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors research project:

Solid Cancer Risks among Atomic-bomb Survivors

Increased risk of cancer is the most important late effect of radiation exposure seen in A-bomb survivors. For cancers other than leukemia (solid cancers), excess risk associated with radiation started to appear about ten years after exposure. This was first noted by a Japanese physician, Gensaku Obo, in 1956, and it led to continuing comprehensive analyses of cancer mortality and to the creation of tumor registries by the city medical associations in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


  1. Clayton,
    it appears that the vaxx may be the cause of some fast growing cancers that are turning up. Possibly not directly, but may be connected to the immune system being restricted in function. Too soon to nail down any details, but the speed that some of these cancers have grown at is not normally seen.

    This site has been keeping an eye on the general effects that are being seen as a result of the vaxx:

    As he mentions, the numbers seem to get worse the more data is collected.

  2. I followed that link which linked to an English language version of the Israeli's government's data. It is actually Hebrew and thus unreadable. Anecdotal evidence is generally worthless, but the level of disability is so high (1 in 3, 1 in 4) that I would expect to know at least SOMEONE in those groups. Most people I know have been vaccinated and the worst side effects of any were my wife, and that was a couple days of fatigue.