Sunday, March 6, 2022

What the Chiropractor Did, Did Not Last

 I think back to physical therapy instead.

I did the exercises prescribed by the therapist this morning and I almost forgot that I had a problem.  I am pain free this evening.   Perhaps, as one of you suggested, the chiropractor got the fibula where it belongs and the exercises will get the muscles to keep the fibula where it belongs.   

My rotator cuff problem is still there when I wake up but goes away after my exercises.   

Pain free is the way to be!


  1. I would recommend that you continue with both. Chiropractors focus on aligning your joints properly so they will function better, but if the surrounding muscles aren't strengthened the alignment won't hold. At the same time, the PT will help you strengthen those muscles to better hold the alignment. When done properly, their actions will be complimentary.

  2. It was pointed out to me by the head of a chiropractic clinic that it is as much an art as a science. He had trained his two assistants to do things the same as him, but the results were not uniform. He was okay, but not as good as the big, heavy guy was. The big guy employed a lot of force and mass to get the results I needed. The third guy was terrible. I tried him a couple times when the big guy was out, and I would leave in worse shape than I arrived in. He was too gentle, which left body parts in in-between positions, I think.

    Eventually, I figured out that I could replicate the same moves, although not as forceful. However, doing it everyday to nudge things into place seemed to be workable, and a huge savings at that time. But, I had to start with them getting me into shape first. At various times I had tried others while traveling, and have observed the same difference in results.

    I had a sister that tried chiropractic for sciatica, but she ended up being helped with acupuncture! She had a really bad case of it. All hunched over like a movie character.