Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Are You Privileged?

1. Were you raised by your biological parents?

2. Were you at least raised by the same two people in most of your childhood?

3. Did your parents encourage you to go to college?

4. Did your parents pay, at least in part, for you to go to college or provide a dwelling place while you were there?

5. Do you not worry about losing fingers or toes at work?

6. If you come home tired and sore, is it because you overdid it at the gym/your run/your bike ride?

7. Do you not worry about whether you will have to work at Wal-Mart after you retire?

8. Do you and a bank own your home?  If no bank is involved, double privilege points.  (Exclude homes with the descriptions "single-wide" "double-wide" and "triple-wide."  Are there quadruple-wides?)

9. Are you paying down your mortgage faster than required?

10. Do you own a car less than 10 years old?

11. Do you live somewhere that you do not worry about going for a walk after dark?  (In some cities even in daylight.)

12. Do you not worry that your kids will be unable to find a job (even as a barista) after college?

These are all signs of privilege; you will notice race is not on the list because there are many black and Hispanic Americans who enjoy most of those same privileges.

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