Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Another Shocker!

From an AAAS press release about a recently published study by Cardiff University scientists:

"Precession is how the Earth wobbles as it rotates, much like a slightly off-centre spinning top. The angle of this wobble means that sometimes the Northern Hemisphere is closest to the Sun and other times the Southern Hemisphere is closest, meaning that roughly every 10,000 years one hemisphere will have warmer summers compared to the other, before it switches."

Roughly every 10,000 years.  How long has it been since the last Ice Age ended?  About 11,000 years.  Who could have imagined Earth's primary source of heat might influence our climate?

Took the Dogs to the Groomer Today

If only it worked this well for me!
Unfortunately, Lillie was sitting on my lap and I did not have the heart to eject her to get a better picture.

Nor Would I, If This Stupid and Uncaring

5/31/22 ABC News:
"Uvalde police, school district no longer cooperating with Texas probe of shooting:"

For those who think these mass murders are false flag government conspiracies:

1. The guns would have been ghosts or private party purchases.

2. The police would not be skulking around in fear of the state government, preparing to invoke the Fifth.

Where is Our Civil Defense?

5/31/22 [U.K.] Sun:
"The politician, Alexie Zhuravlev, was joined on the talk show by fellow MP and Russian-state mouthpiece Yevgeny Popov, the host of the Rossiya 1 channel show.

The lawmaker claimed that two of Russia's Sarmat 'Satan 2' missiles would destroy the entirety of America's east coast - before adding it would take just "two missiles for the west coast" as well.

"Four missiles and there'll be nothing left.

"They think the mushroom cloud will be taller than a high rise. That mushroom cloud will be visible from Mexico" said Zhuravlev."

And just to complete the horror:

"As well as threatening to wipe out the United States with their nuclear capabilities, the unsettling conversation also covered the crisis in Ukraine, as the hosts repeated the 'nazification' theme of Russia's invasion.

Describing them as "incurable," Zhuralev stated that two million Ukrainians should "be de-nazified, which means to be destroyed."

Video Games and Violence

The number of studies of video gaming on aggression is impressive and with one exception all in agreement: like violent movies, violent video games encourage aggression and antisocial behavior.   But unlike movies, the player's identification with a violent character is aggravated by repetition.  A lack of real consequences combined with virtual reinforcement means that kids with existing problems are much more aggressive.  One paper points to crimes where the killers openly identified Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto as sources of behavior.  More links when I am not working through a cell phone.

Student Loans

 A reader recounted this outrageous story and it deserves wider attention:

Incidentally none of this discussion addresses the real abusive practice regarding student loans. A few years ago, the government outsourced collection on student loans to private companies, and handed them a huge pile of badly organized records from many years ago. The collecting companies then issued repayment demands to anyone listed in these records as having had student loan debt, while making only cursory efforts to determine whether the loans had been repaid. The way the law is written, these demands may not be disputed, unless the alleged debtor can produce clear evidence of repayment. Many of these loans are thirty to fifty years old. Who has paperwork from that long ago? For ordinary debts, it wouldn't matter, because ordinary debts are discharged after a number of years of inaction. But not student loans. The collectors have no incentive to find any mislaid records. But they can garnish income tax refunds and Social Security payments. They can declare a loan as in default years ago, then impose retroactive penalties and interest. A debt of a few thousand can be multiplied several-fold. My sister took out about $3,000 in student loans around 1970. Around 1985, the debt was settled by our father. At that time she was having a breakdown, so she's unclear on the details, and no one said anything to me about it. The zombie debt reappeared a few years ago. She has already had to pay several thousand dollars, and her SSI is docked $200/month. And no lawyer will touch the matter.

A Profoundly Sad Professional Assessment of Uvalde PD Clown Show

Someone with professional training on Active Shooter incidents details what they did wrong.  It is tragic.

"Two major questions here: Why were these doors unlocked for the killer to enter, but worked well enough when he locked them to allegedly keep the police out for a long period of time?...
"In the latest briefing, we are told officers from the school district police department and the local Uvalde police department were on the scene within four minutes. They reportedly watched the shooter walk into the school, walk twenty feet in one direction, twenty feet in another direction, and then enter the classroom, where they heard him start shooting. There are reports that at some point he shot at and wounded some of them, but not seriously."

He brings up the shooter's known video game obsession before it became known that many of these were first person shooter games.  Of course, how could this matter?
"While that is all we know so far, I’ll hazard a guess this included violent video games where participants are constantly firing digital weapons and either “killing” opponents or getting “killed”. Some of these games feature ways to get a second and third, etc., life restored, as if death is not final."
And of course how did he debit $5000 of guns, ammo, and equipment on a part-time job at Wendy's?

Remember, it is all about the guns.  The government cannot stop an active shooter after 40 minutes.   It cannot report disqualifying events to the FBI.  So it is competent to seize 20 million AR-15s?

Monday, May 30, 2022

Was I Too Hard on Saskatoon?

2/4/20 Idaho State Journal:
"POCATELLO — Joseph Crupper encourages the other drag queens to dress as if they’ve walked straight from the pages of a fairy tale when they help lead his monthly children’s story time.

“I think it’s a wonderful time. Kids and their families get to hear a nice story told by a very tall woman,” said Crupper, who stands 6-foot-1 without high heels.

Kids who attend Reading Time with the Queens at Marshall Public Library know the 24-year-old Pocatello man by his alter ego, Cali Je."

For those of you not familiar with Pocatello: I am not sure if there is anyone there who is not LDS.  The article does discuss that the library has received some negative feedback:

"Some critics called the library to voice their concerns, although library staff emphasize they’re not affiliated with the event and offer meeting space to groups of all perspectives."

Yeah, let's make a reservation for Nazi Stormtrooper Story Hour and see how serious they are.

Announcing a New Way to Show Your Wokeness

Nazi Stormtrooper Story Hour, reading My Little Concentration Camp.  If your local library thinks this is inappropriate, ask them why Drag Queen Story Hour is a better use of time and space.

Is Canada Really This More Progressed Than America?

Saskatoon Public Library:

"We’re looking for local drag queen and king performers with an interest in literacy to lead family-friendly storytimes. This program encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and embrace our differences and similarities."

Please tell me, are Saskatoon parents really this crazy or are they simply unaware for what they are paying? 

Old News, But Still, Funny and Tragic

 1/28/22 New York Post:

In fresh proof of the lunacy of the United Nations, North Korea will chair its world disarmament forum for four weeks starting May 30.

Yes, the world’s foremost weapons proliferator will preside over the 65-nation World Disarmament Conference, most famous for producing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty back in 1968.

North Korea is in constant violation of nine separate UN orders thanks to its continued nuclear and ballistic-missile programs. It has launched six ballistic missiles in four weapons tests this month, and the country openly sells its missile and atomic blueprints to any comer.

Pyongyang also routinely threatens to attack other UN member states.

Fine, North Korea’s role at the forum is largely ceremonial, but what a message it sends. Any government that actually cares about disarmament ought to boycott, as the United States and Canada did when Iran held the same chair in 2013.

Marvelous Satire

I am reading a very funny free sci-fi novel on Kindle titled Shiny Metal Boxes.  Imagine all the marketing madness of current data mining apps combined with severely inflated prices and a widely used corneal implant that provides all of the useful features of your cell phone by looking at a virtual icon.  Double blink executes that icon.

Our protagonist is trying to figure out if her employer's corneal implant eyeGo (did Apple trademark the i?) is making people sick.  I cannot copy and paste from Kindle but many sections are wonderful satire of our current maddeningly marketing driven antisocial media.

The discussion of news media pandering about an asteroid with a 1:8 chance of hitting Earth in 3472 shows enormous awareness.

It just gets better: quantum entanglement leads to remote viewing of planets all over the galaxy (wormholescopes) and then pointed back at far distant Earth, recording Earth's past.  This leads to lawsuits over barely past wrongs.  The government takes over history recording and stops the suits.  "With the lawsuit rush over, lawyers settled for fewer yachts."

I just figured out screenshots

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Playing Favorites

I posted a comment on a Newsweek article about AW bans that was rejected as "in breach of out community guidelines "

What did I say?

Remember that 24% of mass murders 2006-17 did not use a gun. Into the 1920s, axes, hatchets, fire and poison were the common weapons used. Those done now with semiautomatic rifles (8.6%) get enormous media attention even though they are a small fraction of all murders. https://www.gannett-cdn.com/GDContent/mass-killings/index.html#weapons

Daniel Defense is Not Responsible for What Happened

This 5/28/22 New York Times article feels differently, of course.    Still, a bit more restraint in advertising military-style firearms seems appropriate.  No company wants to be known as the go-to for crazy mass murderers, even if it boosts your profits 10%.

This is Unsurprising But Still Sad

 5/27/22 CBS News:

The May 27 press conference came as several different law enforcement entities from across the state were called in by Uvalde police to not only assist in supplementing their police force, but to also provide extra protection to police and the mayor following heavy criticism and threats linked to their hour-long response time to the Robb Elementary School shooting, according to officials with the Texas Police Chiefs Association.   

Letter I Just Wrote Rep. Tammy Nichols

When I am on campus at College of Western Idaho or any other public college my Enhanced Concealed Weapon license let's me protect myself and my students from mass murderers.  

My wife teaches at a charter school.  If someone like the Texas mass murderer somehow gained access to her school, she would not be able to protect herself or her students.   Her school is pretty well secured but mistakes happen such as the teacher who propped open a classroom door in Uvalde after she heard gunfire.  (Yeah, that makes no sense to me either.)

Please amend Idaho Code to allow staff and teachers with Enhanced Concealed Carry licenses to be armed for defense of themselves and their students.   The lives you save might include my wife.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Database Question

Database MassMurder has dozens of fields.  One it does not have is murderers age.  I could just add the field and go back through 1600+ records and fill that in by reading the article at the link in the database.  It would be really neat if someone volunteered (or maybe I could someone) to open each article and fill in the age the article gave (or 0 if there is no or there are multiple murderers with different ages).  But that would delay filling in the age field on records from 1947 onward (where I am currently reading).  I do not want to do a JOIN.  Ideally, an operation that grabs each age field from database AGES filled in by a volunteer or paid worker and added to database MassMurder.  I suspect it is straightforward and would allow someone to speed up this process.

What Not to Say

5/27/22 City Journal quotes Prof. Fox, one of America's principal acholars on modern mass murder:
"As Fox notes, the annual odds that an American child will die in a mass shooting at school are nearly 10 million to 1, about the odds of being killed by lightning or of dying in an earthquake. Those are also about the same odds that any American will die in a mass public shooting like the recent one in Buffalo. Such numbers, of course, are no consolation to the grieving parents and families in Uvalde and Buffalo, but neither is the frenzy to manipulate these tragedies for ratings and political gain."

True but irrelevant.   Tell me that flying to Los Angeles is safer than driving there.  It is true but most people are afraid of a plane crash because they are not in control of the plane; they are in control of a car and that they are not in control of all the other risks matters not.  Children are indeed "precious cargo" and anything that makes them feel their kids are at risk in a school where they have no control makes them crazy.

Emphasize that an armed teacher will not lack courage across the classroom from a mass murderer.

Someone is Upset About Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Proposal

5/27/22 Yahoo News:
"Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP, criticized Biden's plan — a $10,000 write-off for those making less than $150,000 per year, according to The Washington Post — on Twitter.  Johnson suggested that the plan does not address a meaningful amount of debt, especially for Black borrowers, who are typically burdened by more of it."

What makes so strange is blacks who go to college likely do have more student debt, but most blacks do not graduate from college.  About 42% do. This means most blacks will be subsidizing the minority of blacks who do.

This is in some sense even more unfair than the subsidy of recent law school and medical school graduates by people who either did not go to college or whose parents paid some or all of the costs.

Worst Defense in History

 5/27/22 CNN:

(CNN)January 6 rioter and alleged White supremacist was convicted Friday on all five charges he faced after hitching his case to the claim that he didn't know Congress met at the United States Capitol.

"I thought there were several buildings called 'Capitol building,'" Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, an alleged Nazi sympathizer and Army reservist, told the jury Thursday, adding that he was "from New Jersey" and was "idiotic" and ignorant. "I did not realize that Congress met in the Capitol."
Several jurors rolled their eyes during this explanation and Hale-Cusanelli later said he was knowledgeable regarding the workings of the Electoral College process and American politics generally, which he took classes on in college.

I Cannot Believe That I Am Quoting George Soros

 5/26/22 CNBC:

DAVOS, Switzerland — Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bargaining position is “not as strong as he pretends” and Europe has leverage against him, according to billionaire investor George Soros.

In a letter to Italy’s prime minister, Mario Draghi, Soros said Putin was “obviously blackmailing Europe” by threatening to — or actually — withholding gas supplies.

“That’s what he did last season. He put gas in storage rather than supplying gas to Europe. This created a shortage, raised prices and earned him a lot of money, but his bargaining position is not as strong as he pretends,” Soros wrote Monday....

The EU, which is made up of 27 countries, receives about 40% of its natural gas supplies from Russia, making it difficult for the bloc to stop buying it overnight.

But, according to Soros, the EU is also a very important market for the Kremlin and Putin needs the gas revenue to support his economy.

“It is estimated that Russian storage capacity will be full by July. Europe is his only market. If he doesn’t supply Europe, he must shut down the wells in Siberia from where the gas comes. Some 12,000 wells are involved. It takes time to shut them down and once they are shut down, they are difficult to reopen because of the age of the equipment,” Soros said in the letter.

That makes perfect sense.  If he cannot sell it, he either burns it off at the wellhead, destroying future Russian wealth, or he resumes sales to enemy nations.  If they can find replacement sources (Norway, U.K., U.S., nuclear power for electrical heating and factory use), they can say, "No thank you" or demand a lower price.

Never "Question Authority": That Bumper Sticker Is Expired

5/23/22 New York Times:

A Princeton classics professor was fired, “effective immediately,” on Monday after the university’s administration found that he had not been fully honest and cooperative with an investigation into his sexual relationship with an undergraduate student about 15 years ago.
The dismissal of the professor, Joshua Katz, was a rare case of a tenured professor being dismissed, and came after a fierce debate on campus and in wider political spheres over whether Dr. Katz was being targeted for an article in an online journal that criticized anti-racist proposals by faculty, students and staff.
The board voted to dismiss him based on a “detailed written complaint from an alumna who had a consensual relationship with Dr. Katz while she was an undergraduate under his academic supervision,” according to a statement from the university issued Monday afternoon. That relationship was in 2006-07, but the alumna did not file her complaint until 2021.

When told that Princeton had announced his firing, Dr. Katz’s wife, Solveig Gold said, “That’s news to me. We have nothing.” She added, “It’s pretty damning that we don’t have it ourselves.” 

If there is anything that establishes that your ideas are suspect, it is that questioning those ideas gets you fired.  At least he was not determined the be a "wrecker": that would get you shot. 

Some Religions Are More Equal Than Others

5/18/22 London [Canada] Free Press:

A Western University social media post supporting the fight against homophobia included an illustration of two women in hijabs about to kiss – sparking a backlash from London’s Muslim community that forced school officials to delete it.


5/28/22 Quilette has an article whose need is another depressing reminder of how fast the elites are pressing the accelerator pedal as we approach the cliff.

The article examines the currently fashionable argument in favor of polygamy.   The argument this article advances against polygyny  (polyandry being actually quite rare) is not Christian, because that will never be a valid argument to the elite, but that anthropologists who have studied this subject in detail, in multiple cultures, have found that it increases all sorts of social problems 

Men who will never marry have the same violence problems that are typical among single men in monogamous societies.  

Child abuse is more common in polygynous families.  Women have less restraint in mistreating children with whom they have no genetic relationship (much like stepparents in monogamous relationships).  While I do not recall the article making this point, children of "sister-wives" are competitors with their own children for resources.

There is a host of data demonstrating that polygyny is a bad idea.  One Canadian court looked at the data and concluded that regardless of religious morality, this is a bad idea.

American courts have ignored such evidence in their pursuit of denigration of Christian morality in law.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Does Limiting Magazine Capacity Matter?

On a handgun, a magazine change takes less than a second.  Ditto for an AR-15.

I am hard pressed to see how adding a second every 5 or 10 rounds matters.  Even careless unaimed fire is about 2 shots a second.  Adding a second every five rounds reduces effective rate of fire by about 20%.  Every 10 rounds, about 10%.  

This is not a solution.  Banning detachable magazine weapons might reduce mass murder death counts, but I do not think 100 million Americans are going to be alright with that.

Furthermore, there are defensive uses where having 15 rounds without having to reload makes great sense.  Three home invaders, for example.   Not every shot you fire will hit your target or necessarily be sufficiently incapacitating.

Another AR-15 Mass Shooting

5/26/22 WCHS:
Dennis Butler was killed after allegedly shooting at dozens of people attending a graduation party Wednesday near the Vista View Apartment complex. No injuries were reported from those at the party.

Investigators said Butler was warned about speeding in the area with children present before he left. He later returned with an AR-15-style firearm and began firing into the crowd before he was shot and killed.

“Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night,” Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett said.

Officers did not go into detail, but said Butler did have an extensive criminal history.

What could have been another tragedy of huge numbers of deaths ended up as one dead killer.

Incompetent Phishing

  Good day,

I am writing this letter to question a charge in the sum of 317$ on my personal member's account. I just ordered the items out of your store however, the card was rejected. Although after i reviewed my bank-account exactly the same amount has been taken from my credit card.

I am asking for that error be adjusted, that any kind of financial expenses related to the debated amount be credited back to my account, and so that I obtain an accurate statement.
In the attachment are duplicates of my financial statement and also the purchase info. Please fix the debiting mistake immediately.

[Then a link that Blogger insists that I not publish]


One Downside of Losing 20+ Pounds

 The standard Jaguar XF seats have never been real comfy; now that I have lost some personal cushioning, the problem is more apparent even on short trips.  I purchased one of those metal lumbar support gadgets a couple years ago and it really helped.  An auto upholstery shop recommended by the Jaguar dealer said that there was nothing that can be done.  I bought a couple different seat cushions.  This one was a disappointment.  This one looked identical, but seems to be made of a different foam, and it helps.

So: new car?  Mercedes have always had very nice seats.  The 2018 CLA250 with 4Matic (their AWD version) is $31,325.  With my trade-in Jaguar, I would have minor car payments until the market resumes rising enough to feel comfortable paying off the loan.  Unfortunately, it was busy having a paintjob.  The salesman put me in an E350.  Comfortable pretty nice car but for the amount of driving I do, $63,000 is silly.  The CLA has limited rear seat headroom and because my granddaughter is already starting to resemble a giraffe, the A220 looks better.  He had a new A220, but it was the AMG souped up model: about $41,000.  Still, nice seats.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

I Thought This Level of Panic Seemed Overstated

5/26/22 Reason:
"There Have Been 13 Mass School Shootings Since 1966, Not 27 This Year

Don't conflate mass shootings with school shootings."

Unsurprisingly, NPR got this started.

Lessons Not Learned

 Both Columbine and Parkland shootings emphasized rapid response to an active shooter, not waiting around.  5/26/22 AP:

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Frustrated onlookers urged police officers to charge into the Texas elementary school where a gunman’s rampage killed 19 children and two teachers, witnesses said Wednesday, as investigators worked to track the massacre that lasted upwards of 40 minutes and ended when the 18-year-old shooter was killed by a Border Patrol team.

“Go in there! Go in there!” nearby women shouted at the officers soon after the attack began, said Juan Carranza, 24, who saw the scene from outside his house, across the street from Robb Elementary School in the close-knit town of Uvalde. Carranza said the officers did not go in.

Javier Cazares, whose fourth grade daughter, Jacklyn Cazares, was killed in the attack, said he raced to the school when he heard about the shooting, arriving while police were still gathered outside the building.

Upset that police were not moving in, he raised the idea of charging into the school with several other bystanders.

“Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to,” he said. “More could have been done.”

“They were unprepared,” he added.

Any police force not prepared to deal with an active shooter should just disband. 

5/25/22 CNN reports that from the school police officer "engaging" with the shooter to an off-duty Border Patrol (boo! hiss!) officer leading the charge was 40-60 minutes.  Could a more immediate charge by the officers who were already there have saved lives?  No question.

Any police department without an active shooter procedure should be disbanded.  Active shooter incidents are a tiny fraction of murders but they are widely distributed.

Here you can see parents volunteering to go inside.  The next city council meeting will be heated.

This gets worse.  5/26/22 Wall Street Journal:

"UVALDE, Texas—The gunman behind the mass shooting at an elementary school here lingered outside the building for 12 minutes firing shots before walking into the school and barricading in a classroom where he killed 19 children and two teachers, authorities said in a news conference Thursday laying out a new timeline of events."

Does no one improvise?  The officer assigned to the school could have run him over.  Yes the killer might have killed the driver or destroyed the engine but likely enough momentum to crush the shooter.  

The more I read about this, even UNTRAINED staff or teachers would have been an improvement.   This guy is shooting before entering the school.  That is time to open a lockbox and Mrs. Brown (or perhaps Mrs. Cramer) to draw.

The latest AP report now says the school officer did not confront the shooter and he entered through an unlocked door.  This makes more sense.  Why any school has unlocked doors after the last couple decades eludes me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

School Mass Murders From the World's Most Discouraging Book

 Obviously I am only up to 1947.

Como, Colo. (1895)

Before 5/8/1895: Man rumored to have put one of his daughters “in a delicate condition” took revenge on the school board, with whom he had existing bad history.  He murdered three directors of the school board.

Category: public

Suicide: no

Cause: revenge

Weapon: unknown[1]

[1] “Was Cool Murder,” Rock Island [Ill.] Argus, May 8, 1895, 1.

Allegheny Co., Penn. (1896)

2/?/1896: “During an exhibition given at the close of a writing school, a row occurred which resulted in the killing of three men and the wounding of fifteen.”  The instructor was charged with at least two of the killings.

Category: school

Suicide: no

Cause: altercation

Weapon: firearm[1]

[1] “Three Men Killed,” Marietta [Ohio] Daily Leader, Mar. 2, 1896, 1.

Bath, Michigan (1927)

05/18/1927: Treasurer of the local school board was angered by his property tax increase to pay for a new school building he had opposed, murdered 37 children and six adults as well as seriously injuring 44 others with a dynamite bomb in the basement of the school.  Only a wiring fault prevented other charges from taking down the rest of the building which would endangered 150 more students.  The murderer had already beaten his wife to death at their home before blowing up their house.  He blew himself up in his car in front of the school 30 minutes after the school explosion.

Category: public

Suicide: yes

Cause: Revenge

Weapon: explosive, blunt object[1]

 [1] “Fate Saves Scores in Blast When Maniac’s Plot Kills 43,” [Washington, D.C.] Evening Star, May 19, 1927, 1.

Austin, Tex. (1966)

8/1/1966: Sniper opens fire from a tower at the University of Texas, killing 14, and wounding another 33, after having killed his wife and mother.

Category: public

Suicide: no

Cause: likely mental illness, caused by brain tumor; murderer requested autopsy to look for evidence

Weapon: rifle[1]

[1] Kirk Heilbrun, Joel Dvoskin, and Anna Heilbrun, “Toward Preventing Future Tragedies: Mass Killings on College Campuses, Public Health, and Threat/Risk Assessment,” Journal of Psychological Injury and Law 2:94 (2009); J.M. Prutting, “Symposium On Medical Progress and the Postmortem,” Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, July, 1968, 794.

Fullerton, Cal. (1976)

07/12/1976: California State University, Fullerton custodian shot and killed seven people, wounding two.

Category: school

Suicide: no

Cause: mental illness

Weapon: rifle[1]

[1] Maria Bovsun, “Mass Murderer Who Killed 7 At Cal State Fullerton Begs to be Freed From Psychiatric Hospital,” New York Daily News, Jun. 11, 2016.

Winnetka, Ill. (1988)

5/20/1988: Woman under psychiatric treatment with a history of threatening phone calls delivered poisoned food and drink to her psychiatrist, ex-husband, two Northwestern University fraternities, people she barely knew, set fire to an occupied home, and used a handgun to murder one, and wound seven.  In spite of many different methods, she killed far less than she intended.

Category: public

Suicide: yes

Cause: mental illness

Weapon: poison, arson, pistol[1]

[1] George Papajohn and Joel Kaplan, “THE MANY FACES OF LAURIE DANN,” Chicago Tribune, Jun. 5, 1988, https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1988-06-05-8801040887-story.html,  Last accessed November 24, 2018.

A few where I know where and when but no other details.

University of Iowa (1991)

Unidentified November 1, 1991

Oh yes the 1958 Our Lady of the Angels arson, to which a 10-year-old confessed killed 95.  Of course there are a number starting in 1979.

Mass Murder Prevented

 Chicago, Ill. (1947)

05/18/1947: Three murderers attempted a robbery at a party of 32 people, which included a judge and his bailiff.  While the robbers lined up the women in the kitchen, the bailiff retrieved his pistol.  Another guest tripped one of the robbers; the bailiff shot one robber.  The other two robbers then shot to death the bailiff and another guest.

Category: residential

Suicide: no

Cause: robbery

Weapon: firearms[1]

Federal Gun Licensing

The Democrats are screaming for this.  Two questions:

1. What would a federal license have done in Texas?  He bought the rifles after his 18th birthday so likely a dealer sale with background check.  What else would a license do?  Show that he liked to wear black eyeliner?  So licensing will be transphobic?  He dropped out of high school?  Will graduation be required?  A full psychiatric evaluation would likely have raised flags but how many people have little eccentricities.  Some of them are throupled members of Congress.

2. "Like a driver's license." You mean available to anyone without public safety implicated crimes?  You mean with a safety test that only the dumbest fail?

Yes.  Like a driver's license.  Good anywhere in America.   Valid to carry, possess or buy any gun in any state.  I can rent a car at any airport with my license.  I can drive a high-performance sports car in any state--even it is capable of breaking the speed limit to way unlawful speeds.  If this is such an effective strategy, why do many of these incidents involve people who passed background checks (sometimes because the reporting agencies, such as USAF drop the ball)?

And if a federal gun license does not catch anything that background checks miss, why bother?  If it really does catch dangerous people who cannot be trusted with a gun, shouldn't a license grant all sorts of privileges?

Indian Land Dispossesion

 From the manifesto of the Buffalo mass murderer:

By living in the United States, weren’t you an immigrant yourself? 

Yes, and it seems we immigrants seem to bring a whole host of issues. Although the land technically belongs to its native people, The United States now belongs to Whites because removing Whites from all of the United States is impossible. They are simply rooted too deeply into the land. The same thing applies with other White countries that are not in Europe.[emphasis added]

The rest of the manifesto is sort of environmentalist-nationalist.  Loudly, not a Christian or conservative. 

The Texas Murderer

5/25/22 Sky News reports he bought the two AR15 type rifles the day after his 18th birthday and that he worked part-time at a Wendy's.  I see about $1600 worth of rifles.   How does a Wendy's part timer save up that much money?

Other reports indicate that had been bullied in school and had a drug addicted mother.  Pretty typical modern family: drug addicted mother; no father mentioned; "free-range children."   I know it is not cool to say this but unless some of these destructive social patterns are disrupted, we will eventually lose.  Justices watch CNN.

There is a picture floating around purporting to show the murderer cross-dressed.  My first reaction is Fake. (Some reports describe his mental decline as including letting his grow out.  This could also be laziness, 1960s costume party, or organic version of a tinfoil hat.)    If you find a properly sourced version, let me know. Your inbox is about as trustworthy as Russian state media.

"“He was the nicest kid, the most shiest kid. He just needed to break out of his shell,” he said, adding that Ramos was once subjected to homophobic slurs after posting a photo of himself wearing black eyeliner."

Newsweek reports that the supposed cross dressing pictures have been identified by the person who put them up and are not the murderer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Illegal Aliens and the Second Amendment

Professor Volokh wrote about this recent decision U.S.v. Jimenez-Shilon (11th Cir. 2022) concerning illegal aliens in possession: 

Reading through both the opinion and Judge Newsom's somewhat more useful concurrence shows both the properly narrow definition of who is one of the "people" for whom the right to keep and bear arms applies, and the flaws of what Newsom calls "an ill-define balancing test."  The opinion correctly, I think, distinguishes what Don  Kates and I in , "Second Amendment Limitations and Criminological Considerations," 61 Hastings Law Journal 1339-70 (2009). observed how in classical republican thought, the right to arms was inextricably and multifariously linked to that of civic virtu (i.e., the virtuous citizenry).' "  Best of all, the opinion used a very complete originalist analysis of how far the rights of even legal aliens extended. They also avoid the trap of whatever standard of scrutiny judges decide to use to meet the needs of their day's grumpiness.

Judge Newsom's concurrence is a direct attack on what Justice Thomas' 2020 dissent called "an 'entirely made up' test."

Accordingly, we shouldn’t ask whether a gun-control measure is, say, “substantially related” (how substantially?) to the achievement of an “important governmental interest” (how important?). Contra, e.g., United States v. Perez, 6 F.4th 448, 455 (2d Cir. 2021) (quotation omitted). Such an amorphous inquiry risks unelected and unaccountable judges upholding or invalidating gun-control laws at will—without respect to the original public meaning of the Second Amendment. Cf. Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36, 67–68 (2004) (“By replacing categorical constitutional guarantees with open-ended balancing tests, we do violence to their design.”).

He also observed that First Amendment free speech doctrine is a dumpster fire.  (Not in those words, of course, but effectively the same thing.)

Here, as best I can tell, is where things stand in terms of First Amendment doctrine: There seem to be two fixed stars. At one pole, the government can ban certain forms of speech outright— defamation, incitement, obscenity, etc.—“because [they are] understood to fall outside ‘the freedom of speech.’” Brown v. Ent. Merchs. Ass’n, 564 U.S. 786, 822 (2011) (Thomas, J., dissenting) (quoting Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coal., 535 U.S. 234, 245–46 (2002)). At the other, speech restrictions “‘based on viewpoint are prohibited,’ seemingly as a per se matter.” Speech First, Inc. v. Cartwright, 32 F.4th 1110, 1126 (11th Cir. 2022) (quoting Minn. Voters All. v. Mansky, 138 S. Ct. 1876, 1885 (2018)). In between, it’s balancing tests all the way down....

It’s not just that the doctrine is exhausting—although it certainly is that. It’s that the doctrine is judge-empowering and, I fear, freedom-diluting. If we, as judges, conclude—as I’ve said we should—that Second Amendment rights shouldn’t be casually balanced away by reference to manipulable means-ends balancing tests, we might need to start asking the bigger question: On what basis can we do exactly that when dealing with other, equally fundamental rights?

Any honest defense of intermediate scrutiny on the 2nd Amendment would require accepting significant  limits on free speech.

Monday, May 23, 2022

When You Lose Your Aglets

You do know that aglets are the little plastic pieces on the ends of shoelaces that make it easy to put the shoelaces through the tiny holes in your running shoes (or in my case, walking shoes), right?  They never last as long as the shoelaces for me.  Once they have broken off, getting your shoelaces through the holes becomes downright impossible.  While trying to get the shoelace through the top holes this morning, I was inspired.  

1. Grab some small tweezers.

2. Grab the very tip of the shoelace.

3. Push it through the hole.

4, Grab the shoelace on the other side.

5. Release tweezers.

6. Pull tweezers out.

You may need to enlarge the hole with the tweezers first to get them through the hole.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

We Went Hiking in Boise National Forest Near Bogus Basin Today With the Dogs

It is really beautiful up there especially when you do not worry about sliding off the road on black ice.

Bogus Basin is a decaying mass of granite, part of the Idaho Batholith.  You can see glinting pieces of mica from the decaying granite.

It is actually translucent.  You can see why it was used for "lookinglass" in ancient stoves.  It will not burn and you can sort of see through it.  We could also see the occasional gold flecks in the sand.  Rhonda found a lovely granite sample with a large mica inclusion, but you are not allowed to take stuff from National Forests; just think: if every visitor took a rock every day, in 100 million years, Bogus Basin would be gone.  Just a flat plain.

This is what Bogus Basin looks like from the back yard.

I walked 6.5 miles today (about 1.25 of it on the treadmill). In light of the problem I was having with breathing a few months ago, today's suffering was almost entirely leg muscle fatigue from trying to keep with Mt wife 

Let Us Now Praise Great Tech Support

 My wife's Lenovo Yoga suddenly went dead as a doornail.  Technical support guy asked lots of questions.  He had me use a phone charger with a USB-C connector.  Then using an app that used my cell phone camera he inspected everything.  Then he had me pull the plug from power cord to power supply.  It was just a little loose.  Problem solved!  His English was excellent; no communications problems!

Saturday, May 21, 2022

I Am Done Reading Sad 1946 News Articles

My target completion date is 2003, and I look forward to less depressing work.

I Am Impressed At How Much Medicine Had Improved From 1900 to 1946

 Pasadena, Cal. (1946)

11/15/1946: The father, 33, was driving with his family to the train station to return home to Michigan.  There was a quarrel about the decision to return.  He shot his two children to death and shot his wife through the head.  Doctors thought her recovery still possible.

Category: family

Suicide: yes

Cause: quarrel

Weapon: firearm[1]

[1] "Father Kills Children, Self, Wounds Wife," Oakland Tribune, Nov. 5, 1946, 14.

The bullet enterer her left temple and exited the back of her head and doctors still had hope for recovery.

Friday, May 20, 2022


Three days in a row below 200 pounds: 190 is the next big target.

They Are Not Reading Our Letters

 Sen. Risch responded to my letter about funding civil defense with a defense of funding for Ukraine.

Today's Analytic Geometry Problem

When you see my question, you will see why math was only non-A grades in high school and why Harvey Mudd had the good sense to put me on the waiting list.

I need to mill an inside cylinder.  I am using a round endmill to get a smooth circle.  The problem is depth of cut as I move from yStart to yEnd.  Call them 0.0 and 1.0 for this word problem.

The equation for a circle is x^2 + y^2 = r^2.  I am leaving out the displacement from 0,0.

Just to cause pain, y in this equation will be the depth of cut: z on a mill.  x in the equation will be the distance across the workpiece: so y on the mill.  So z = sqrt(r^2-x^2) in equation form, but sqrt(r^2-y^2) for the mill.  This is a displacement from the surface, so -(r-z)?

y   z           -(r-z)

0   5          0

.1  4.999  -.001

.2  4.996   -.004

.3  4.991   -.009

So far, so good,  Now we cross the midline at 0.5.  Of course, half way across the cut, we need to start rising again.  Do we start using sqrt(r^2-((y-midpoint)^2)?  I tried that with y=.6.   z = -.001--clearly wrong.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

I Feel Stupid

A few weeks back, I bought a Lenovo USB to HDMI adapter so that I could attach a third monitor (UHD(.  Now the max resolution was less than UHD but still nice to have.  While engaging in Lenovo fora to figure out why the promised 2560x? resolution turned out to only be 1920x1080, another user asked me why I was not using the display ports on the back of the laptop?  There are two Thunderbolt ports and A USB-C port.  The manual says the USB-C can go above UHD resolution.   I just ordered a USB-C to HDMI cable. 

More stupid.  This is an FHD monitor.  I think the UHD monitor ended up on the mill's Linux box where the higher resolution does not get used.  Swap tomorrow I think.

This Is Something That Never Seems to Make It Into Textbooks

I make a point of telling my students that African slaves were not just crossing the Atlantic but that there was also a large slave trade into the Muslim world, largely stopped by British imperialism  (and which was a state goal of it).  My wife and I have been watching a BBC series on the history of Africa.  The episode "Coasts and Conquest " says that about 14 million Africans were sold across the Indian Ocean.  That is more than the more generally known 12 million of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and they were going to similar jobs or as concubines (the Muslims took more females than men opposite of the Europeans). The supply mechanism was the same: Africans enslaving other Africans for sale.

One of the complaints about the transatlantic slave trade that is often used for the miserable state of Africa today was the enormous loss of young men.  However, my reading suggests that the losses of slaves were roughly the natural rate of growth for much of the slave trade period.  

In any case, the limiting factor in polygamous societies is the number of women.  The loss of men just means men need more wives.  The loss of women as on the Indian Ocean coast would be the real population bottleneck.

Is it not a little amazing how much slaves bought by Europeans gets so much attention while the even larger trade across the Indian Ocean does not?

Is There A More Inspiring Twilight Zone Than "The Changing of the Guard"?

If you ever saw it you will remember it.  Teacher at an elite boys school considers suicide after being forced into retirement because he feels like he made no mark on the world. Then the ghosts of former students appear.  Each has a story of courage from what he taught them: Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously awarded for Iwo Jima; doctor who died of radiation poisoning research medical use of X-rays; etc.

For those of us who teach we have at least a few reminders of marks we have left on lives: a young man whose parents worried that he would not go anywhere because he was not interested.   My American History class inspired him.  The last I heard I was writing a recommendation for some Army training program. 

I have no idea how many other marks I have made but like the professor you know that there are more than you immediately realize.


 Great video of Twitter employee making fun of Elon Musk as "special needs."  I am sure that a lot of true "special needs" parents are going to be so happy to hear this sort of leftist crap.  Even better, this idiot was warned by Twitter about the danger of Project Veritas with no awareness that this was Project Veritas to whom he was spilling the beans.

I Doubt China Will Invade Ukraine

 5/19/22 Wall Street Journal:

HONG KONG—China’s Communist Party will block promotions for senior cadres whose spouses or children hold significant assets abroad, people familiar with the matter said, as Beijing seeks to insulate its top officials from the types of sanctions now being directed at Russia.

The ban, outlined in an internal notice by the party’s powerful Central Organization Department, could play a role in Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s efforts to increase his influence at a twice-a-decade leadership shuffle scheduled for later this year.

Babylon Bee Again


WASHINGTON, D.C.—In its first big win since the inauguration in 2021, the Biden Administration announced that the Disinformation Governance Board has narrowly outlasted failed subscription program CNN+.

Citing the first bit of positive news for the White House, Disinformation Board head Nina Jankowicz announced her resignation, saying she was excited to continue fighting disinformation on TikTok by singing more lovely showtunes.

"Lasting three weeks despite receiving billions of threatening memes from Russia-backed Jack Posobiec and his followers has only galvanized my resolve to fight disinformation," sang Jankowicz to the tune of South Pacific's "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair."

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

My rage grows by the day.  Several years back, I had a Pioneer AVH-2330 installed in my wife's Jeep at BestBuy.  For a few months, it worked fine.  Bluetooth let her safely make and receive calls.  Then it stopped working.  GeekSquad solved the problem.  Repeatedly, over a year or two.

Eventually we went to a car stereo store in Garden City that showed when I Googled Pioneer dealer near me." They said Pioneer only did firmware updates for their stereos for a couple years and the 2330 was obsolete and would never work again.  A new 2500 was the solution.   In retrospect, I think they were either in over their head or just wanted to sell us a new stereo for about twice what BestBuy charged us for the 2330.  But I wanted a solution and BestBuy could not fix it either.

Like the 2330, it has worked intermittently.   Bluetooth fails to connect.  Android Auto does not work through the USB cable.  Sometimes it works.  When the car is off the phone no longer works. 

My wife thinks buying a new car with a factory Bluetooth stereo is the next step.  No more Pioneers.  No more aftermarket stereos.

Oh, and their implausible contact address cycle-sports@pioneer-usa.com bounces.

The original stereo shop is gone.

We went to Walker Audio Design in Nampa.  The guy in charge seemed like a careful diagnostician.  He confirmed that the AVH-2330 still had firmware upgrades available.  He determined that the 2500 could not hear the microphone.  We have had a windshield replacement recently and he speculated the cord might have been damaged.  A new microphone fixed nothing, so we had him put in a Pioneer that lacked the CD player but was reasonably priced and all is well.  I am pleased with these guys.

So Many Things Forgotten

 I have an ArrayList<ArgTypes> 

public class ArgTypes 


// Instance

String argName;

ArgValueTypes argumentValueType;

double doubleValue;

boolean booleanValue;

int intValue;

// Constructor of each pair

public ArgTypes (String inputArgName, ArgValueTypes inputArgumentValueType, double target)


this.argName = inputArgName;

this.argumentValueType = inputArgumentValueType;

this.doubleValue = target;



doubleValy, booleanValue, and intValue in my C implementation of this code are a union that is a pointer to various variables.  My goal is to Double.ParseDouble a String and store the double into a variable for later reference.  In C, I store a double* and then use indirection to store the value where I want it.  What is the equivalent in Java.  Is there one?

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Changing Symbolic Link Targets in Windows 10

 I have an astrophotos directory in My Pictures that links just to my astrophotos (duh!).  Unfortunately, in the move to the new laptop, the target changed.  What used to be "C:\Users\clayton\Pictures\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0757.JPG" is now "C:\Users\clayton\My Pictures\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0757.JPG".

Now if the lnk file format contained the full target address in some readable format, it would be easy.

When I hex dump the link, I find vast swarms of data with the actual text of the links interspersed with zeroes:


       220:  5c 00 43 00 4c 00 41 00 59 00 54 00 4f 00 4e 00  \.C.L.A.Y.T.O.N.

   230:  2d 00 50 00 43 00 5c 00 55 00 73 00 65 00 72 00  -.P.C.\.U.s.e.r.

   240:  73 00 5c 00 63 00 6c 00 61 00 79 00 74 00 6f 00  s.\.c.l.a.y.t.o.

   250:  6e 00 5c 00 50 00 69 00 63 00 74 00 75 00 72 00  n.\.P.i.c.t.u.r.

   This looks like a job for sed!

I could have sworn sed lets you match \000.  Curiously grep '\000P' finds nothing.

Doing this the hard way.  The DOS command:

mklink /h IMGP7695.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7695.JPG"

Now I just need to extract the home directory and link name from the existing links into a batch file. 

But first there were a number of duplicate links in the directory.  I should have been able to write a single link to rm all of these shortcuts with (2) on the name, but the correct magic seemed impossible with rm alone.  ls -l `grep "(2) linklist` to get a list of such file names gave me each blank delimited part of the filename separately.  So I lazed out and grepped the (2) file names into a file, which I then used emacs to turn into an rm "filename" batch file.

At this point, my brain is too tired to write a batch file to extract home directory from each link.

Clumsy, but strings  <"IMGP2739.JPG - Shortcut.lnk" | grep "\\." produces the shortcut name and the source that needs linking.  strings *.JPG*.lnk |grep "\\." >alllinks gives a file with a few exceptions to delete and then emacs keyboard macros to produce mklink commands.

Done.  A few keyboard macros and voila.  Windows batch file to recreate all the links to the right place:

mklink /h IMGP0729.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0729.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0731.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0731.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0732.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0732.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0733.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0733.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0734.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0734.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0739.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0739.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0740.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0740.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0747.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0747.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0748.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0748.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0749.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0749.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0750.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0750.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0751.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0751.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0753.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0753.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0754.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0754.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0755.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0755.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0757.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0757.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0758.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0758.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0759.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0759.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0760.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0760.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0761.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0761.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0762.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0762.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0763.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0763.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0764.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0764.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0765.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0765.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0766.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0766.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0767.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0767.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0768.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0768.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0769.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0769.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0770.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0770.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0771.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0771.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0772.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0772.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0773.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0773.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0774.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0774.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0775.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0775.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0776.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0776.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0777.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0777.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0778.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0778.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0779.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0779.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0780.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0780.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0781.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0781.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP0782.JPG "..\2007\2007-03 (Mar)\IMGP0782.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1646.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1646.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1647.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1647.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1648.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1648.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1649.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1649.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1651.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1651.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1652.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1652.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1653.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1653.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1654.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1654.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1656.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1656.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1657.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1657.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1659.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1659.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1660.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1660.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1662.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1662.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1683.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1683.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1687.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1687.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1688.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1688.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1689.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1689.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1690.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1690.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1691.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1691.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1691enhanced.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1691enhanced.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1693.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1693.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1694.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1694.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1695.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1695.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1696.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1696.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1697.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1697.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1698.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1698.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1699.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1699.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1700.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1700.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1701.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1701.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1702.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1702.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1703.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1703.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1704.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1704.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1704enhanced.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1704enhanced.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP1705.JPG "..\2007\2007-07 (Jul)\IMGP1705.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2019.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2019.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2020.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2020.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2021.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2021.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2027.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2027.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2028.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2028.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2029.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2029.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2030.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2030.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2031.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2031.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2032.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2032.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2033.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2033.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2035.JPG "..\2007\2007-11 (Nov)\IMGP2035.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2064.JPG "..\2007\2007-12 (Dec)\IMGP2064.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2065.JPG "..\2007\2007-12 (Dec)\IMGP2065.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2066.JPG "..\2007\2007-12 (Dec)\IMGP2066.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2067.JPG "..\2007\2007-12 (Dec)\IMGP2067.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2684.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2684.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2685.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2685.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2686.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2686.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2687.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2687.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2688.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2688.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2689.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2689.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2690.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2690.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2691.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2691.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2692.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2692.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2693.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2693.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2694.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2694.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2695.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2695.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2696.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2696.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2697.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2697.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2698.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2698.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2699.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2699.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2700.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2700.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2701.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2701.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2702.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2702.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2703.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2703.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2704.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2704.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2705.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2705.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2706.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2706.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2707.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2707.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2708.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2708.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2709.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2709.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2710.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2710.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2711.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2711.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2712.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2712.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2713.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2713.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2714.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2714.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2715.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2715.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2716.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2716.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2717.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2717.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2718.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2718.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2719.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2719.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2720.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2720.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2721.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2721.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2722.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2722.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2723.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2723.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2724.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2724.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2725.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2725.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2726.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2726.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2727.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2727.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2728.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2728.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2729.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2729.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2730.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2730.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2731.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2731.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2732.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2732.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2733.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2733.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2734.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2734.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2735.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2735.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2736.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2736.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2738.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2738.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2739.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2739.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2740.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2740.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2741.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2741.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2742.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2742.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2743.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2743.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP2744.JPG "..\2008\2008-07 (Jul)\IMGP2744.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3672.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3672.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3703.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3703.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3705.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3705.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3705noblem.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3705noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3709noblem.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3709noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3710.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3710.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3710noblem.JPG.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3710noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3711.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3711.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3711noblem.JPG.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3711noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3712.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3712.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3712noblem.JPG.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3712noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3713.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3713.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3714noblem.JPG.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3714noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3715.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3715.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3715noblem.JPG.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3715noblem.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3716.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3716.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP3717.JPG "..\2017\2017-04\Aurora\IMGP3717.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4073.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4073.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4075.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4075.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4076.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4076.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4077.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4077.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4078.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4078.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4079.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4079.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4080.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4080.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4081.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4081.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4082.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4082.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4083.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4083.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4084.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4084.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4085.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4085.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4086.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4086.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4087.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4087.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4088.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4088.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4089.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4089.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4090.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4090.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4091.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4091.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4092.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4092.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4093.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4093.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4094.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4094.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4095.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4095.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4096.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4096.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4097.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4097.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4098.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4098.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4098gimp.JPG.JPG "..\2017\2017-07\IMGP4098gimp.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4732.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4732.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4732gimp.JPG.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4732gimp.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4754.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4754.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4757.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4757.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4767.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4767.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4778.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4778.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4793.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4793.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4806.JPG "..\2018\2018-10\IMGP4806.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP4820.JPG "..\2018\2018-11\IMGP4820.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP5867.JPG "..\2021\2021-07\IMGP5867.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6655.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6655.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6656.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6656.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6657.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6657.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6658.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6658.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6659.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6659.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6660.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6660.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6661.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6661.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6662.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6662.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6663.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6663.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6716.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6716.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6734.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6734.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6735.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6735.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6736.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6736.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6737.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6737.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6755.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6755.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6761.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6761.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6762.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6762.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6763.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6763.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6767.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6767.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6768.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6768.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6770.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6770.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6771.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6771.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6805.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6805.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6806.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6806.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6807.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6807.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6808.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6808.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6809.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6809.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6810.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6810.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6811.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6811.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6812.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6812.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6813.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6813.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6814.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6814.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6815.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6815.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6816.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6816.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6817.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6817.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6818.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6818.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6819.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6819.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6820.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6820.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6821.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6821.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6822.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6822.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6823.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6823.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6824.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6824.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6825.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6825.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6826.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6826.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6827.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6827.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6828.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6828.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6829.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6829.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6830.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6830.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6831.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6831.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6832.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6832.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6833.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6833.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6834.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6834.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6835.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6835.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6836.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6836.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6837.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6837.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6838.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6838.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6839.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6839.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6840.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6840.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6841.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6841.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6842.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6842.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6843.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6843.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6844.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6844.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6845.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6845.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6846.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6846.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6847.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6847.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6848.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6848.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6849.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6849.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6850.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6850.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6851.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6851.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6852.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6852.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6853.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6853.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6854.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6854.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6855.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6855.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6856.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6856.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP6857.JPG "..\2012\2012-05 (May)\IMGP6857.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7669.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7669.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7670.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7670.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7671.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7671.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7672.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7672.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7673.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7673.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7674.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7674.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7675.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7675.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7676.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7676.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7677.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7677.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7678.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7678.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7679.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7679.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7680.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7680.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7681.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7681.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7682.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7682.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7683.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7683.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7684.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7684.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7685.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7685.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7686.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7686.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7687.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7687.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7688.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7688.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7689.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7689.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7690.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7690.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7691.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7691.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7692.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7692.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7693.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7693.JPG"

mklink /h IMGP7694.JPG "..\2012\2012-08 (Aug)\IMGP7694.JPG"