Sunday, November 28, 2021

Arctic Icepack

National Snow & Ice Center reports:
"As of October 31, sea ice extent is tracking higher than any year since 2015, as well as higher than observed in 2007, 2011, and 2012 (Figure 2a)."

Odd behavior for a worsening crisis.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Cold-Induced Angina Pectoris

I now see why the ER cardiologist wanted me to make an appointment with my cardiologist.   It was not a heart attack but when cold induces angina it indicates that you are likely demanding more oxygen than your heart can easily produce.  (Being cold creates a strong demand for more oxygen to burn calories to keep you warm.)  The reason people die of heart attacks while shoveling snow is not just the increased physical demand but in combination with very cold conditions.   I can assure you that being out under the stars in freezing weather burns a lot of calories.

I suspect he is going to want to do an angiogram to see if any cardiac arteries are in need of cleaning.  If only it was simpler: a self-propelled device just below artery size that did a Roto-Rooter on the arteries and then dissolved on the 3rd or 4th pass.  I suspect passing by aneurysms would be risky, however.

This is Sort Of An Experiment

To see if anyone wants astrophotography themed clothing, drinkware, refrigerator magnets, phone cases, etc.  At CafePress.

Yes, Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong

When you learn a German exchange student is being asked how to translate the N word into German.  America, we have a problem. 


The head of my blog says that I am trying to prevent Idiocracy from becoming a documentary.   What am I hearing from teachers tells me we have ten years left.

Much of a generation in lower grades right now have no interest in education and no plans for after high school except playing video games.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Manhattan From the Air

You have no comprehension when you are on the streets how spectacular Manhattan Island really is.

And what a magnificent creation Central Park is:

I started using GIMP on some of these pictures from 2007, and find myself wishing that I had known about GIMP back then.  As an example, this spectacular picture of the top of the Chrysler Building, a brilliant example of Art Deco architecture.

and then after adjusting Contrast/Brightness and Unsharp Mask:

I Am Not Sure How...

 But I gained no weight at Thanksgiving and what a feast it was.  I explained to the German exchange student that my daughter is hosting that this was nearly the perfect example: all my children, grandchildren, and much of the extended family together, thankful and enjoying each other's company.