Sunday, August 20, 2017

Beach Sand is Racist

Have your ever noticed that pretty much all beach sand is white.   It is not required; I have enjoyed a black sand beach in the more racially diverse state of Hawaii.  This symbol of white supremacy must end!   We demand replacement of all white beach sand with either polychrome or black beach sand throughout the U.S.

The Madness Spreads

HotAir  tells of a dispute over USC'S mascot,  a horse named Traveler (N.B. one l). That is only one l different from the name of Gen. Lee's horse,  and he is an all white horse,  so he has to go!  


As we drove to church this morning on ID -55, there was no evidence of the expected Mother Of All Traffic Jams.

An Actual Foreign Intelligence Scandal!

Federal authorities are investigating whether sensitive data was stolen from congressional offices by several Pakistani-American tech staffers and sold to Pakistani or Russian intelligence, knowledgeable sources say.
What started out 16 months ago as a scandal involving the alleged theft of computer equipment from Congress has turned into a national-security investigation involving FBI surveillance of the suspects.
Investigators now suspect that sensitive US government data — possibly including classified information — could have been compromised and may have been sold to hostile foreign governments that could use it to blackmail members of Congress or even put their lives at risk.
“This is a massive, massive scandal,” a senior US official familiar with the widening probe told The Post.
But it involves the former DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, so go back to sleep.

Guess What? Murderers Tend Not to Be Socially Conscious

8/6/17 CNN:
(CNN)Going into the weekend, Baltimore activist Erricka Bridgeford had a simple hope and request: Nobody kill anybody for 72 hours.
It was too much to ask for in a city on pace to record its highest annual homicide toll, a place still reeling from the racially-charged riots that followed the 2015 death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police.
Some 40 hours into the grassroots ceasefire, a 24-year-old man was fatally shot. Within a few hours, a 37-year-old was also killed by gunshots.
And Baltimore police are once again investigating not one but two homicides.
Hat tip: Of Arms and the Law

    Saturday, August 19, 2017

    A Free Speech Rally, And Antifa Reasponse

    8/19/17 Yahoo News:
    Police estimated that as many as 40,000 people packed into the streets around the nation's oldest park....
    The rally never numbered more than a few dozen people, and its speakers could not be heard due to the shouts of those protesting it and the wide security cordon between the two sides. It wrapped up about an hour earlier than planned....
    Twenty-seven people were arrested, largely for scuffles in which some protesters threw rocks and bottles of urine at police dressed in riot gear, Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters.

    When the Democrat Presstitutes Warn The Party, They Should Listen

    Associated Press:
    Dems risk culture war fight in Charlottesville response...
    Polls taken after last weekend’s violence offer some evidence backing Bannon’s and Trump’s view. While polls found widespread disgust with white supremacists, a Marist Poll for NPR and PBS found that just 27 percent of adults queried believe Confederate monuments “should be removed because they are offensive.” About two out of three white and Latino respondents said they should remain, as did 44 percent of black respondents. 
    The Democrats might want to visit America.  There is more to it than caviar, champagne, Kobe beef, and faculty lounges.