Sunday, June 9, 2024

Easy Fix

BBC News:
"The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says an Israeli raid on a refugee camp - which led to the rescue of four hostages - killed 274 people, including children and other civilians."

Gee, do you suppose if Hamas had not taken and held hostages this could have been avoided?

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Trash Compactors

Our beloved house on the mountain had a trash compactor.   I was so impressed with one in a house a friend rented in Hermosa Beach many years ago, thst I decided we needed one, especially because we had no garbage service. Reducing volume mattered.

Here it is becoming increasingly of interest.  Because we are on a private road, we have to roll our toters to the public street a couple hundred yards away.  At this point, because my cardiologist seems to think being too shortwinded to walk that far is nothing in need of fixing, my wife gets the job.  Reducing this to one toter seems a good argument for a compactor. 

There is really no appropriate spot in the kitchen for an undercover compactor which means either putting it in the garage and emptying inside trash cans into it, or finding s spot in our absurdly large pantry for it.

The problem is thst I am having trouble finding a compactor that is not intended for undercounter mounting.  There are manual ones where you crush it down with a tool, but I really do not want to do that.

I finally found one.

Friday, June 7, 2024

I Am Doing This for You

You may recall several weeks (months?) back I asked about a non-fire method of warming canned food and ideally boiling water for Minute Rice that could be run off batteries for a civil defense role.  One of you mentioned the J.C. Whitney catalog used to have items intended to run off cigarette lighter plugs.

This seems to be like that.  It is an electric heated lunchbox that can operate off 110 VAC or 12VDC.  Reviews indicate it can warm up a meal in about 40 minutes drawing about 80 watts.  A stack of charged lithium batteries in your emergency improvised bunker would make canned chili and rice a palatable meal once you have consumed the emergency rations most Americans wear on their bellies.

It will arrive tomorrow and I will put it to the test warming chili and trying to cook rice.  I will then inform you of the results.   A lithium battery is, I think, pretty well immune to EMP.  A small solar panel stored in a Faraday cage could recharge lithium batteries enough on sunny days to keep you eating hot food until you ran out of food or farmers start producing food to exchange for ammo.

Let's face it, if Putin became desperate enough to go nuclear, we all know the geniuses that tell Joe what to misread from the teleprompter will solve the crisis without missile launches,  right?

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

I Will Use His Name Once for Searching

Isaac Zamora murdered six people in Skagit County, Washington in 2009.  I am trying to find news accounts thst identify the weapons he used.  The USA Today database says "semiautomatic rifle "  the Wikipedia page says Winxhester lever action rifle and shotgun stolen from a neighbor.   Some news accounts ssy rifle and handgun.  No account thst I have found identifies the rifle.

Can you find a news account thst identifies the rifle?

Washington State paid $9 million in damages to next of kin because when jailed, the severity of his mental illness problems were not adequately identified and he was not given sufficient supervision after release.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

I Asked About This Gun

 This Feb. 23, 2024 Firearms NewsFeb. 23, 2024 Firearms News article opens so well:

The SITES Spectre HC is what would happen if a Glock pistol had a baby with an Uzi submachine gun and that baby was stolen from the hospital and raised in Finland by a gang of art deco biker thugs. Radical and innovative yet in its semiauto form grievously flawed, the Spectre HC is as ugly as Yasser Arafat first thing in the morning after a hard night out on the town.

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