Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Left Threatens Guillotine Use if Theaters or Churches Show New Film

At RedState:
“Fair warning,” it read, “several community organizations are planning to shut down your showing of the Jordan Peterson propaganda film. While many of us aren’t Christian and some even flat-out condemn the religion, we do not want any harm to come to your place of worship or those within. However, we cannot allow fascism to continue to rise and will not tolerate its presence in our city, whether it is on the streets or on the waterfront or in a church. Read some history books, read about eugenics, read about sex and gender and then compare it to Peterson. Pray on it if you must. Do the right thing. As much as we joke about it, we really don’t want to have to bring out the guillotine to fix society.”
Why I always carry to church now.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

You MUST Read the Comments at Instapundit About ABC's Fake Coverage of the Kurds

Here.  There are so many examples of fake news coverage.  Example:
Here is a still from some BBC footage documenting the problem of soccer hooliganism in Britain.
And a picture from Braveheart.  The anime labeled Kurds counterattack hurts to watch.  The laugh muscles are complaining.

So Glad Puerto Rico Has Strict Gun Control

10/15/19 Primerahora has video of a drug dealer being murdered.  Someone doesn't care what bullets cost.  I expect to see this video on NBC's next Kurd report.

Do I Need to Make This?

I need to put a 1/4"-20 screw securely in a .385" square hole.  1/4"-2- to 3/8"-16 adapter show up when I ask for 1/4"-20 to 3/8" bushings.  I need a tight square, not threaded 3/8".  I could I suppose do a .38" x .38" square, then drill and tap it, but this does not seem this odd an item to buy.

I managed to make the square so it was a press fit into the spider.  Then I drilled a pilot hole in the center.  Whoops!  Not quite centered.  I could not drill the .203" hole for tapping all the way through because I had forgotten to put something under the block in the mill vise, so I went to the drill press and ended up with a hole out the side.  Let me try this again in the morning unless someone points me to a bushing.

McMaster-Carr, purveyor of everything, has female threaded standoff, aluminum, 1.4"-20 fully threaded, 1" long, 1/2" diameter.  So just turn it down on the lathe to .385" and press in, I think,

Checking True

When I bought the CNC mill, I had no obvious way to check how accurate it was.  I had dial indicators, but no obvious way to use them.  That is why I was asking about dial test indicator holders recently.  But after a bit of thought, I came up with a solution.
That is a block of acetal with a 1/4" hole across, through which a 1/4"-20 screw holds the dial test indicator, and a 1/4"-20 threaded hole through which a long screw goes.  The screw end goes into a drill chuck.  There is less than .0005" movement per inch of X motion; perhaps .0006-.0007" per inch of Y.  Good enough.

Too Many Hours

But I could not find one competently made.  This is what the diagonal mirror glues to. Cosmetically less than perfect, but flat enough to hold the mirror solidly, and close enough to 45 degrees that the adjustment screws should fix any defects.