Monday, June 24, 2019

Evidence That Transgender is a Mental Illness

From PJMedia:
On Saturday, a library in the Seattle area hosted a "Teen Pride" event for children ages 9-19. The event featured drag queens, all sorts of explicit adult-themed advice, and a raffle for dangerous transgender chest binders. Three local moms, concerned about children being exposed to such things at a taxpayer-funded library, filmed the event in order to expose it. Police escorted them out by force, warning that they were guilty of "criminal trespass."
Does anyone in the LGBT activist elite know any straight people who aren't billionaires?  If you want to know what is going to drive LGBT back into a legally imposed closet, it is trash like this, and Drag Queen Story Hour at public libraries.

Another Mass Murder, But in Gun Control Heaven

At least five dead including the shooter.

"Nuke 'Em" Rep. Swalwell

He held a protest outside NRA headquarters, and 18 people showed up.  I think his campaign for President may not be going well.  Shame, really; I want Trump to run general election ads showing Swallwell's tweet about enforcing gun bans with nuclear weapons.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Just Not My Day

Some directories have disappeared under Windows 7.  I know that they are hidden from Windows Explorer but are still there because I can see them from the command line and when I copy them from my backup, they are apparently there (do you want to merge?).  I have set Windows to show hidden files.  But nowhere that I can find is there an explanation.  Weirdly, the files in the missing directories appear in the parent directory.

It appears that the folder icons need to be rebuilt.  The Windows disk cleanup utility can delete all the icons and they automatically rebuild on the next reboot. But it appears the disk cleanup utility cannot be run until sfc /scannow (a Windows repair tool finishes and I will not interrupt it).  Maybe I will try this in the morning.  All very odd.

Next step if that fails: from the command shell rm -r the missing from Explorer directories and recopy them from the backup.

Somehow I Received an A in Both 2nd Semester and 3rd Semester Algebra

It sure is not showing now!  Please identify where I went wrong.  I am trying to write gCode to excavate a half-circle in a block of aluminum.  (Really a half cylinder.)  I will advance x by 0.5" with each pass.  (It is a .5" diameter mill.)  What is the formula for z?

Circle is:
(x-h)2 = (a-k)2 = r2 
where r is radius, h,k is center of circle. Solve for z, since x is known. To simplify this I am calculating upward motion, which I will go -z for vertical position.
x2 - 2xh + k2 + z2 - 2zk +k2 = r2
-2xh +h2 + z2 -2zk +k2 = r2 - x2 
h2+ z2 - 2zk + h2 = r2 - x2 + 4xh + k2 
z2 - 2zx = r2 - x2 + 4xh + k2 
z = r2 _x2 + 4xh = k2 + 2k
But plugging in r=4.5, x=0, h=4.5, k=4.5 (the left side of the workpiece) produces an obvious error.

Where Transtoolism Takes You

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Today's Not Very Bright Scam

Dear Recepient
You are required to appear in court on Wed 27h June 2019 at 10:00 am.Please, do not forget to submit all documents related to this case, attached to the file through the Attached content is a court order and other documents relating to the case.
The Attachment ID is: COURT ORDER # S12GF803Note: You will hear the case by the judge in your absence (if you do not come).
Yours faithfully,
Sarah Teodora,
Clerk of Court