Tuesday, January 31, 2023

More Obscure Session Laws

 You guys are wonderfully good at this.

1931 Ill. Laws 452, 452; 1927 Mass. Acts 413, 413-14; Act of

June 2, 1927, no. 372,  1929, Act No. 206, Sec.

3, Comp. Laws 1929; Act of Apr. 10, 1933, ch. 190, 1933 Minn. Laws 231, 232; Act of Apr. 8,

1933, no. 64, 1933 Ohio Laws 189, 189; 1927 R.I. Pub. Laws 256, 256; Uniform Machine Gun

Act, ch. 206, 1933 S.D. Sess. Laws 245, 245; Act of Mar. 7, 1934, ch. 96, 1934 Va. Acts 137,


Monday, January 30, 2023

I Really Like the Idea of Electric Cars

Even if they are in many places coal-powered.  This 1/27/23 Motor Trend article is why I do not expect to ever buy an EV although hybrids seem a reasonable solution especially the new incredibly fast hybrid AWD Corvette.   Although spending $100K+ seems like something I would only do if I won the Powerball.

What If She Was Reading the Communist Manifesto?

I started reading one day in the library.   It was a serious snoozer.  1/30/23 Inside Higher Ed:
"Stanford University officials’ response to a shared image of a student reading Adolf Hitler’s autobiography has drawn a sharp critique from a national free speech advocacy organization.

The image of the student reading Mein Kampf was shared on the social media platform Snapchat and led to the filing of an online complaint with the university, according to an email from Jewish faith leaders addressed to Jewish Stanford students. It isn’t clear from college officials who filed the complaint, though a Stanford spokeswoman, in response to questions from Inside Higher Ed, said a “concern” was raised by an unnamed student organization."

Why would you want to understand the motivations of one of the great monsters of history?  It is legitimately similar to learning the hunting habits of mountain lions.

Help Me Find

 Judge Edward Scott, Laws of the State of Tennessee: Including Those of North Carolina Now in Force in this State: From the Year 1715 to the Year 1820, Inclusive Page 710.  Hathitrust.org has Vol. II and another entry for Vol. I but it is just another copy of Vol. II.

1786 Va. Laws 33, ch. 21.  To my surprise I cannot find Virginia session laws for 1792 online.

I Thought I Needed to Make This Video

This is a video from the Boone County, Indiana Sheriff showing 30 shots fired at aimed shooting speed from a pistol and an AR-15 showing how little difference LCMs actually make in bullets on target.

The pistol demo uses 15,10, and 6 round magazines to fire 30 rounds.

The AR-15 uses a 20 and 10 round magazines. 

The total time difference is trivial.  From a practical standpoint this means an LCM Ban is not a killer for self-defense.  It also means the LCM bans do nothing.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

Source Needed

I have read that Custer's men were armed with single-shot rifles compared the repeating rifles of their attackers because the Army believed repeating rifles would encourage wasteful shooting practices.  (This is a rather logical assumption; panic may cause you to replace accurate shots with many poorly aimed shots.)  Does anyone have a source for that?

Saturday, January 28, 2023

This is Comforting

But alas, good advice.  1/27/23 Yahoo News:
"World Health Organization Recommends Stockpiling Meds for Radiological Catastrophe"