Thursday, April 25, 2019

So Much for Poverty Causes Islamic Terrorism

4/23/19 Reuters reports that the bombers in Sri Lanka were from well to do homes and well educated. 

“Most of the bombers are well-educated, come from economically strong families. Some of them went abroad for studies,” Wijewardene told a news conference.

It is an article of faith to the left that it is the grinding poverty of the Islamic world, caused by American support of the Israeli "colony" that causes this. The refusal to look at how Islam's hostility to capitalism impoverished them is a serious problem.

Optional Reality

4/25/19 New York Post reports that the Congresswoman from Minnesotastan is claiming Jesus was not Jewish, but Palestinian.  Why should reality be required of a Democrat?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This Should Be Enough Reason for Trump to Call Up the Unorganized Militia

4/23/19 Fox News:
Heavily armed men escort migrants across US border, surveillance video shows

The Federal Government Should Cut Off Funding to Colleges With Racially Discriminatory Practices

4/24/19 The College Fix:
Wake Forest University is hosting a series of “listening sessions” for faculty and staff of color that aim to advance inclusion efforts on campus.
The listening sessions come amid ongoing racial tensions on campus, including a protest Monday at which some students decried the “white supremacy” that allegedly runs rampant at the private, North Carolina institution.
“Dear faculty and staff colleagues, this is a reminder about our upcoming listening sessions on inclusion that I am holding for faculty and staff of color over the next several weeks,” stated an April 18 email from Michele Gillespie, dean of the college, to campus employees.
Imagine white-only sessions to discuss black intimidation of white faculty.


When I teach Western Civ, I explain Gutenberg's use of movable type, and how until the 1960s, printing would have been recognizable to Gutenberg, even with the electric motors operating the presses.  After that, he would have yelled "Witchcraft!"  This video from 1959 explains typesetting:

One of those trailing edge jobs that the left used to complain would be destroyed by automation.  Look at all the out of work typesetters roaming our streets threatening to throw lead type at us!  A reader tells me the alloy used for type was Linotype and made great cast bullets, but is now hard to find,