Thursday, April 22, 2021

Promoting Race War is Evil

 Promoting it when you are 12% of the population and the other 88% is heavily armed is braindead stupid.  Most black people will consider the speaker both evil and stupid.  But if you think fear of and prejudice against black people is bad now, consider what a few suburban attacks will do.

Good News

A few people who are >=14 days after second vaccination get infected.  In this group of residents of Skilled Nursing Facilities (I would guess almost entirely older and very sick people):

"Two thirds of persons were asymptomatic. A minority of persons with breakthrough infection experienced mild to moderate COVID-19–like symptoms; two COVID-19–related hospitalizations and one death occurred. No facility-associated secondary transmission was identified."

If this level of risk is involved for people who are at high risk, it sounds like vaccination is a big win. 


Curious way to get a big quantity of copper from microwave ovens.

I Had to Verify It Was Not a Parody Tweeter

 Instapundit pointed me to these hysterical Toronto Police bragging about guns they have taken off the street.  While I think Canadian gun laws are stupid, at least some of these guns in criminal hands would be a public safety concern.  Others make me wonder if they realize how silly this makes them look.  As much as I hate antisocial media the responses to stupid can be riotously funny:

This sad little recovery also produced a storm of amuse:

Another victory for the Swamp Crime Task Force.

Was Aqua Man packing this one?

@IwriteOK you can rest easy at night knowing this gun will not be in your drinking water supply.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wow! Buyer's Remorse?

MrcTV is quoting BLM that Biden is sending more military equipment to police departments than Trump did 

Of course, Trump was a racist!  Everyone who mattered knew that.

Ghost Guns

Biden's BATF is proposing changes to make 80% receivers into firearms with all the manufacturer licensing and transfer rules that this entails.  The Reload has more details. 

It appears that their target is can you convert a part into a receiver in 8 hours in a fully equipped machine shop?  I have a 0% AR-15 receiver (a block of 6061 aluminum).  I wonder how long before the files exist to make this into a full receiver?  On my mill it would be many days, so my 0% receiver is safe.  

But the time is coming when you will be able to find all the files to make every part but the barrel.  (The little parts such as triggers, sears, and  other fire control parts are pretty easy on a small mill.)  For rifles that would be a problem.   An unrifled submachine gun might be quite effective in urban revolutionary activity.

3D printers still seem to be safe.

Biden Can Pontificate All He Wants

From Lucky Gunner:

We've given the trucks the green light to keep coming as fast as they can with ammo but the warehouse just doesn't seem to fill up.

That must be stockpiling for those guns that only hold one round (the Biden home defense standard).