Monday, August 8, 2022

Ready for Fall Semester

The last time I taught American History, it was a face-to-face class.  Preparing to teach online has gobbled much of my summer.   All the PowerPoints and cute little stories of which those notes remind me need to be written.   Blackboard has Course Documents which are roughly equivalent to a face-to-face lecture along with the textbook reading for each week.  Of course I include maps, pictures, and videos as appropriate (Gatling Gun in use, machine tools in action for American Industrial Revolution), the opening scene of Glory, the Battle of Cowpens from The Patriot, Washington's inauguration from John Adams.  Stirring drama that tell the stories in ways both educational and entertainingA surprisingly reverent and respectful rap version of "The Ride of Paul Revere."

Sunday, August 7, 2022

What is the Anion in Coral?

8/4/22 UPI:
"Aug. 4 (UPI) -- The coral cover in the northern and central sections of the Great Barrier Reef is at its highest amount in at least 36 years, Australian marine scientists announced Thursday."

The primary structural component of coral is CACO3.   If you were paying attention in high school chemistry, you should remember that CO2 combines with CaO to form CaCO3.  The warmer the water, the more CO2 it can hold.  Eventually I expect enough CO2 to be pulled out of the air to make more coral and non-organic carbonates in the deep ocean while the wheat crops get enormous. 

There Will Be No Mass Coverage of This Mass Shooting

8/7/22 Cincinnati Enquirer reports on nine wounded in what sounds like a gang incident with at least two shooters.  The quotes from police officials indicate they think the problem was gang related.  Be glad gang members are not known for their marksmanship.   Or perhaps if they were better shots there would be fewer bystanders shot.

It does not have a white person available to cast it in racist terms so it will go away and black people will remain in legitimate fear while privileged whites imagine themselves at risk the next time they go shopping. 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Real Test of a Society is How It Treats Its Most Vulnerable Members

8/6/22 Guardian:
"Archie Battersbee, the 12-year-old boy whose parents fought a long-running legal battle to prevent his life support treatment from being removed, has died, his mother has said.

Speaking outside the Royal London hospital, Hollie Dance said he had “fought right until the very end”.

Speaking through tears, she said: “In sadness, Archie passed at 12.15pm today. I would just like to say I am the proudest mum in the world.

“He was such a beautiful little boy. He fought right until the very end and I am so proud to be his mum.”

“His stats remained completely stable for two hours until they completely removed ventilation and he went completely blue,” she said.

“There is absolutely nothing dignified about watching a family member or a child suffocate. No family should ever have to go through what we have been through – it is barbaric.”

When children including those not born, the developmentally delayed, the disabled, the elderly, the weak are simply lumps of flesh to be disposed of because your very humane health care system needs a bed, a society has gone fully pagan.

Such a society deserves neither respect, obedience, or taxes.  It is too much like T4 project.  

I Thought Polio Was Gone

8/5/22 CBS News:
"New York state health officials have found indications of additional cases of polio virus in wastewater samples from two different counties, leading them to warn that hundreds of people may be infected with the potentially serious virus."
I am glad someone is sampling our sewage.

Monkeypox Diagnosis Issues

 6/6/22 Yahoo News:

  • Experts in San Francisco, Miami, and the UK say many monkeypox cases are being "missed."

  • Some patients are receiving false negative monkeypox tests, while others are being misdiagnosed.

  • Fear, stigma, miscommunication and misunderstanding all contribute.

More than 7,100 monkeypox patients have been diagnosed in the US since this outbreak began with a single case in mid-May.

But Dr. Graham Walker, an emergency physician in San Francisco, says that many more monkeypox patients are not being given the care and attention they deserve to prevent, diagnose, and treat this infectious disease efficiently.

Walker says he's seen "several patients" whose monkeypox diagnosis was "missed" by another provider before they landed in his ER in excruciating pain.

This is worrisome. 

Friday, August 5, 2022

Concealed Weapons Training Course

 A friend is teaching this course.  The Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License gives you a few more states that that recognize your license and allows carry on public colleges.

Saturday August 13th 

Personal Protection Handgun Course
Idaho ENHANCED Concealed Weapon License
12 hour course 8am - 8pm
NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course exceeds Idaho 18-3302K ENHANCED Concealed Weapon License requirement, certificate recognized by all states as firearms training (Though NOT for certain states' CCW , see list below)
$199 Course Fee includes NRA handbook, fliers & NRA Course Completion & Idaho State Police Training Certificates. Classes are small (7 at most). PAID advance registration is required to reserve your seat. Class is open to Instructor-approved citizens who have no felonies or other legal gun-ownership disabilities. Liability Release form signature required.
Course consists of approximately 5 Hours Classroom, Hours on the Shooting Range, 2+ Hours Legal Instruction, 2 hours written test and wrap-up. Includes Basic Handgun Safety, Familiarization, Hands-on Firearms Handling, Shooting Skills & Instruction. Personal security & avoiding violent confrontations will be covered in depth. Safety & Awareness are critical.
Several hours will be spent on the firing range bringing student skills up to standards. Idaho State Law and Federal Law regarding firearms, concealed weapons, self-defense and after-event issues will be taught by a licensed Idaho attorney (formerly served as a public defender, a prosecutor and as an Idaho State deputy attorney general, and often competes in IDPA and IPSC shooting events)
BRING:  jacket & hat, Temps are expected to be warm, maybe even hot, and it sometimes gets cold, stormy and windy at the desert shooting range, and wear a button up shirt or turtleneck so no hot brass goes down your shirt to ‘brand’ you and make the event unsafe, eye and ear protection and handgun & at least 2 boxes of 50 rounds of factory ammunition ( Idaho law requires 98 rounds ), lunch ( some previous attendees have suggested you bring 2 lunches) snacks drinks notepad highlighter pencil post-its (Don't have a handgun or eye/ear protection? let me know I have a few loaners & can help you select the right one) NOTE -  class can go long due to questions to the lawyer, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances so it is advised that you do not make plans for after class )
NRA Certified Instructor                 NRA Training Counselor
          (208) 631 3003                               PO Box 6232 Boise ID 83707
THE IDAHO ENHANCED CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE IS VALID IN: IDAHO ( & Idaho public colleges) ALASKA ARIZONA COLORADO DELAWARE NEVADA NEW MEXICO PENNSYLVANIA SOUTH CAROLINA VIRGINIA? LOUISIANA  MINNESOTA WASHINGTON WISCONSIN   as well as states that accept the Basic LicenseALABAMA ARKANSAS FLORIDA GEORGIA INDIANA IOWA KANSAS KENTUCKY MAINE MICHIGAN MISSISSIPPI MISSOURI MONTANA NEBRASKA NEW HAMPSHIRE NORTH CAROLINA NORTH DAKOTA OHIO OKLAHOMA SOUTH DAKOTA TENNESSEE TEXAS UTAH WEST VIRGINIA WYOMING. VERMONT (no lisc reqd) Oregon non-reisdent licenses easy to obtain with Idaho ECCW.   Total WAS 41 states allow CCW w/ID ECCW. note: List per Idaho State Police 9/2021 - states laws change constantly, this list may not reflect current status.  Current political events :  I believe we have lost VA & PA due to politics within those states, subject to change.
Yellowstone National Park accepts CCWs that are valid in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming (see website) Federal Park Service webpage indicates that which CCW holders may carry in Yellowstone park (but not into buildings of any kind) Shooting, even is self defense is prohibited, so don't unless you are being eaten, and then prepare for legal repercussions.
NRA Basic-Level Courses: Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Outside the Home
Become an NRA Certified Instructor:
INSTRUCTOR-Level courses, CALL for information:
NRA BIT Basic Instructor Training course $150 (the first class required) Offered weekday evenings by arrangement.
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course Instructor course $399 (includes both Basic & Instructor courses)
NRA Personal Protection (in the home) Instructor course $399(BIT&Pistol are prerequisites)
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor course $399 (BIT&Pistol & PPith are prerequisites)
NRA RSO Range Safety Officer $150
NRA CRSO CHIEF Range Safety Officer $175 (BIT & RSO are prerequisites)
NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course Instructor course $399
Group & Individual classes available upon request. Liability Release form signature required. A written test will be administered (it is possible to fail this course).
Instructor reserves the right to dismiss anyone, anytime, without refund. All rights reserved. No Warranties are Expressed or Implied. Copyright 2022 Hoover Police Supply