Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Reading CNN Stories Like This

Makes me wonder if vaccination did anything at all.  

The Delta variant is so transmissible that even the vaccinated can get it and transmit it.  Maybe it is time to just order everyone to live 50 miles apart.

As I read this story, those who got vaccinated did not benefit from it and even 100% vaccination would have solved nothing.  All that money and whining about antivaxxers and it does not appear to have done anything.

Of course CNN is not a very trustworthy source so CDC says:
Gee what does this mean? I am vaccinated but I can still get and transmit the Delta variant.  What was the point of all that whining about getting everyone vaccinated?  I hate to see this as a Big Pharma thing but the taxpayers paid a huge amount of money for vaccine that CDC does not trust.  Why should I believe anything they tell us?

Perhaps the solution is to end international air travel.  Come by ship and the dead can be buried at sea.

Monday, July 26, 2021

I Am Going to Need Some Volunteers in a Couple Weeks

A prominent law professor and I are writing a law review article exposing how the 9th Circus decision Young v. Hawaii cited lots of early Republic laws that prohibited carrying of firearms.  Regular readers will know that I discovered many were not at the cited locations and some were selectively quoted.  I am going to need 2 or 3 of you to read the paper for typos and such but also following the links to these session laws (the laws actually passed in each legislative session to verify that the page image actually comes from that volume and that the link points to the stated year and state. I am trying to be very careful but three pair of eyes are better than one.  This cannot have any errors if we want to demonstrate that these people are both incompetent and liars.

The Latest Attempt to Politicize Vaccination

 Apparently Republican states have low vaccination rates.  I can think of a number of factors coincident with Republican domination of a state: largely rural populations not so worried about the disease; Democrats have higher incomes than Republicans; this 10/17/13 articles observes:

When it came to strongly stated religious adherence, his conclusion was that there was a small negative correlation between it and science literacy.

He concluded: "I frankly don't think that that's a very big deal. There are plenty of highly religious folks who have a high science comprehension score, and plenty of secular ones who don't."

However, his eyebrows were lifted by an examination of scientific knowledge and politics.

He had expected that those with the poorest hold on scientific knowledge would be members of the Tea Party.

Some might imagine that this was along the "I disagree with you most strongly, ergo you must be most stupid" axis.

What the numbers told him -- and he declared them statistically significant -- was that those who professed to be Tea Party members had a positive correlation with scientific smarts.

Yet Los Angeles County is again mandating masking to protect their large unvaccinated population.  I had no idea that Los Angeles County was rich in Republicans!  Antivax sentiment is as much a leftwing cause as conservative.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Who Responds to Emails Like This? Do They Have Enough Money to Be Worth the Effort?

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You Will Never Hear the Phrase "First World Problem" Again Without Cringing


And of course:

Forgot about this Reddit thread.

Of which my favorite is

And amazingly, a real settlement check.

Really Interesting Video on Wealth Inequality


The Netherlands is the most unequal distribution of net wealth in the world.   Why?  What does it tell us about socialist hopes?

Saturday, July 24, 2021

I Do Not Know If There Are Any Astronomers Among My Readers

 Losmandy G11 tripod. I bought this originally for a business manufacturing telescope mobility solutions. For several years this had a GM8 mount and 5" f/9 refractor on it. I have since moved those back to a GM8 tripod. This is the non-folding tripod. It weighs 28.8 pounds and is very stiff. It is easier to ship than it looks; the legs are held in place by clamps and can be removed for shipping in a smaller box. Obviously I would rather sell it locally.

Cosmetic issues: The previous owner left it in a location with direct sunlight and the legs faded from that beautiful anodized black to a dark purple. As you can see there are some scratches at the bottom of the legs where my mobility solution clamped on. These are purely cosmetic issues.

Dog not included.