Saturday, August 18, 2018

Some People Should Stop Digging Before the Hole Collapses on Them

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights:
How many of the 300 were probably guilty? Maybe half. My reasoning? The 2004 report by the John Jay College for Criminal Justice found that 4 percent of priests nationwide had a credible accusation made against them between 1950-2002. That is the figure everyone quotes. But the report also notes that roughly half that number were substantiated. If that is a reliable measure, the 300 figure drops to around 150.
Of course, substantiated means going back over accusations made in the 1950s, where many of the witnesses, victims, and abusers, were dead.
Myth: The grand jury report was initiated to make the guilty pay.
Fact: False. It has nothing to do with punishing the guilty. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh "Salacious" Shapiro admitted on August 14 that "Almost every instance of child abuse (the grand jury) found was too old to be prosecuted." He's right. But he knew that from the get-go, so why did he pursue this dead end?
Why did he waste millions of taxpayer dollars in pursuit of alleged offenders when he knew he couldn't do anything about it? Because he, and his predecessor, Kathleen Kane (who is now in prison for lying under oath and misusing her Attorney General's office) wanted to shame the Catholic Church.
Too old to prosecute doesn't make them irrelevant to understanding the damage done.  Shaming officials who assisted in hiding these crimes seems like a way to discourage repeating.
Fact: This is an obscene lie. Most of the alleged victims were not raped: they were groped or otherwise abused, but not penetrated, which is what the word "rape" means. This is not a defense—it is meant to set the record straight and debunk the worst case scenarios attributed to the offenders. 
Furthermore, Church officials were not following a "playbook" for using terms such as "inappropriate contact"—they were following the lexicon established by the John Jay professors. 
Examples of non-rape sexual abuse found in the John Jay report include "touching under the victim's clothes" (the most common act alleged); "sexual talk"; "shown pornography"; "touch over cleric's clothes"; "cleric disrobed"; "victim disrobed"; "photos of victims"; "sexual games"; and "hugging and kissing." These are the kinds of acts recorded in the grand jury report as well, and as bad as they are, they do not constitute "rape."
True: no penetration means it isn't rape.  But that list of covered-up offenses is hardly what most people think of when you say "in the Name of Christ."
There have been two scandals related to the sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church. Scandal I involves the enabling bishops who covered it up. Scandal II involves the media cover-up of the role played by gay molesters. 
Let me repeat what I have often said. Most gay priests are not molesters, but most of the molesters have been gay. Not to admit this—and this includes many bishops who are still living in a state of denial about it— means the problem will continue. Indeed, there are reports today about seminaries in Boston and Honduras that are disturbing. How do I know that most of the problem is gay-driven? The data are indisputable.
He is right that this is overwhelmingly priests going after boys.  Heterosexual abuse is a minority of the offenses.  Still, blaming gay men and ignoring their status as priests and the role of the Church in covering up both secular crimes and violations of Christian standards is hardly a ringing endorsement of Christ's representatives on Earth.  Matthew 18:6:
"If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
Donohue should be looking for a way for the Church to make amends to these victims and make sure that the hierarchy that covered up these crimes never does this again.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Multiple IMAP Accounts in Gmail App

I need to add two IMAP accounts to my yahoo app on my new cellphone, or I'd not possible, to the Gmail app.  None of the online instructions seem to work.  They reference control icons not on this version of either app.

We May Be Reaching a Tipping Point

You probably know the Manafort jurors asked the judge for clarification of "beyond a reasonable doubt."  Now the lamestream media are asking the judge to give them the names and addresses of the jurors.  Antifa on your doorstep?  This is such an obvious attempt to intimidate the jury.  We may be reaching the point of doxxing the lamestream media reporters to get the message across.

Finally, Tolerable Temperatures

It is 70 degrees with a nice wind and cloud cover blocking the Sun.  I am sitting on my front porch watching the left go increasingly bonkers about record low young people unemployment and how the tech industry which tried and tries to stop Trump will be injured by the tariffs with China.  Perhaps they can learn about the America where Chinese dumping destroys jobs and the damage their use of H1Bs has had on American engineers.

More Reasons Why Millennials Need to Vote Democrat!

8/16/18 Wall Street Journal:
The unemployment rate among young Americans fell to its lowest level in more than 50 years this summer, though the share of young people looking for work remained well below its peak in 1989.
Of Americans between 16 and 24 years old actively looking for work this summer, 9.2% were unemployed in July, the Labor Department said Thursday, a drop from the 9.6% youth unemployment rate in July 2017. It was the lowest midsummer joblessness rate for youth since July 1966.
My wife and I had lunch at a new Mediterranean restaurant in Eagle, Taziki's, yesterday.  As we were leaving, a teenager was walking towards the restaurant with what appeared to be an employment application.  But everyone knows, Trump is an evil man trying to impoverish people by having an economy growing so fast that millennials will be able to move out of Mom's basement.

News Stories That Make You Wonder Whose Side The Criminal Justice System is On

8/15/18 NBC News reports that the compound where child abuse and murder were performed along with training children to do school mass murders by a jihadi has been demolished by the police.  Doing so after a trial might make sense; but before trial?  What if the defense claims the compound contained exculpatory evidence?  This almost looks like an attempt to prevent a successful prosecution.  Whose side are the local police on?  And 8/14/18 NBC News:
Four of the five suspects are expected to be released with GPS monitoring today -- a turn of events in a case that has focused on allegations of starving children being taught to carry out school shootings.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Just Listed my Pentax K10D on eBay

Wanr to get started with a DSLR?
I can't tell it from new.  Had the sensor professionally cleaned last year.  About 4500 exposures through it.  Includes a time lapse device (I bought a Pentax KS2 which has that built in.)  It comes with two spare batteries and the Pentax charger.  Note: there is no SD card in it.  Also, this is a 10.2MP camera; maximum ISO 1600; no video mode.  See here for more astrophotographs that I have taken with it.

Original box and manual.