Thursday, March 10, 2022

Defusing Bombs

I saw a video of Ukranians defusing a bomb, apparently to reuse the explosives.   IEDs were the bane of Coalition Forces in Iraq.  Assuming that there are any Russian tanks left by the time they have repurposed it, I could see this being a pretty effective way to demolish several tanks at once.

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  1. If it was the same video released by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine that I saw, they were defusing it not for re-use of materials, but to make it safe(r) for people to be in the area.

    It was a 500KG bomb, which is pretty sizable:

    Not long ago in Exeter England, the bomb-disposal experts found a 1000KG bomb that they determined was too degraded to be moved or defused in place, and even with hundreds of tons of added sand to make it a 'controlled' explosion, many of the homes and businesses in the area have still not been made habitable again because of the damage from the explosion.