Monday, March 28, 2022

Ukraine: How the U.S. Should Fight Wars

In the last several decades, we fought a number of nations attempting to defend democracy or "nation-building."  All were failures because our supposed native allies were not prepared to defend democracy with as much vigor as our military. Ukraine, however, has courage that reminds me of Greece fighting the Persians.  They were vastly outnumbered but they were smarter and defending their homeland.

America's armed forces are filled with courageous warriors, but American strength has always been as the Arsenal of Democracy.  Our manufacturing and logistical superiority won World War II (including the aid we sent Russia).  The $10 billion we have committed to arming Ukraine is about $31 per American.  Is even one American warrior worth less than that?  No.

Yes, the Ukraine is not perfect--except by comparison to this century's Hitler.  Defeating Putin, or even just bloodying his nose enough to force withdrawal is worth it.

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