Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Are There Any Public Fallout Shelters?

 Ready.gov says 

Search for open shelters by texting SHELTER and a ZIP code to 43362. Example: Shelter 01234 (standard rates apply).

The response is none within 200 miles.   This page is no better.

Curiously, Canyon County (where I live) required them:

06-11-01: PURPOSE:
It shall be the declared policy of the board of county commissioners of the County of Canyon that fallout shelter be incorporated in all public buildings of the County of Canyon to the fullest extent practicable, in order to provide protection against radiation for the greatest number of people in the event of nuclear attack. (Ord. 70-001, 12-29-69, eff. 12-29-69)
Every officer, board, department, commission or commissions of the County of Canyon, charged with the duty of preparing specifications or awarding or entering into contacts for the design, erection or construction of buildings or other structures, including major additions to existing structures, for the County of Canyon, State of Idaho, shall incorporate or cause to be incorporated into such buildings, or other structures, fallout protection for at least its normal anticipated population which shall meet or exceed the minimum space and fallout protection criteria recommended by the office of civil defense, United States department of defense, unless exempted from such shelter requirements in accordance with section 06-11-05: of this article. (Ord. 70-001, 12-29-69, eff. 12-29-69)
06-11-05: EXEMPTIONS:
The board of county commissioners may exempt any officer, board, department commission, or commissions from the requirements of section 06-11-03: above and may exempt any building, structure or additions thereto from said requirements by means of a letter signed by the chairman of the board of county commissioners, wherein they find that such incorporation of fallout shelter will create an additional net cost in the construction of such structure in excess of one percent (1%) of the estimated cost thereof without a shelter so incorporated, or that other factors as they may determine in their discretion make unnecessary or impracticable a fallout shelter in such building or structures. (Ord. 70-001, 12-29-69, eff. 12-29-69)
Middleton city government is aware of none. Canyon County I will ask next.


  1. Apparently post Gorbachev they are no more, but many of the government buildings in Boise used to have the CD logos posted for shelter. For example the federal bldg across the street from the capitol had those signs in the late 80's/early 90's. I haven't been there for over a decade so don't know what's currently posted on them.

    This is interesting:


  2. None within 200 miles of 65251, which includes KC and STL, I think. We've got nothing.

    1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubTropolis