Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Red Zone States

Local media are reporting that Idaho is listed in a yet unpublished report on dangerous increases in infections.  This claim comes from the Center for Public Integrity.  The Wikipedia page indicates big leftist funding.  Leadership also comes from mainstream media and public radio, so this is a Democratic pressure group.  That does not preclude the accuracy of the claim that these states reopened too quickly, but the complete list of states include:
Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.
So California and Washington reopened?   It does seem as though avoiding unnecessary exposure remains a good idea.  A neighbor was walking by yesterday and insisted that sunlight kills the virus so no need to be worried.

Some news organizations have their own conspiracy theories.  7/17/20 CBS Iowa:

Report kept from public view labels Iowa a COVID-19 "red zone"

Liz Essley Whyte is a reporter with the Center for Public Integrity. A source provided her with the report that, as of Friday, had not been made public by the Trump Administration.

"The CDC is really being sidelined, marginalized, pushed aside and in a number of ways." Whyte says. "It’s every communication, it's being tracked and in some cases criticized by the White House.”

Red Zone states recommendations from the White House
Actually from an advocacy group's claim about a report to the White House. 
 So news organizations are reporting on what an advocacy group says is in a report that no one else has seen?  Double hearsay.  And the left wonders why many Americans assume the news media are not trustworthy? 

Imagine if the Heritage Foundation said that there is a secret indictment that shows Biden was one of Epstein's party buddies.  Would the news media take it seriously without seeing the indictment?

Remember the purpose of "news" organizations is to sell advertising space and elect Democrats.  (I am not sure of the priority.)

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  1. Idaho is not looking good. You've got 75% as many cases per million as Arizona, and unlike Arizona, your trend keeps going up.

    BTW, a great site for looking at this stuff is 91-divoc. They've got a number of different variables you can plot, log or linear, per million or absolute, and you can (I just learned) put more than one on the same plot.