Saturday, July 4, 2020

Texas Justice

I have excluded a small number of cases where trial found the killer not guilty of what were clearly mass murders.  Miss Verna Ware opened fire in the Gatesville, Texas courthouse in 1909, killing the man she accused of seducing her, killing two others not involved in the case and wounding a fourth.  The following year, a jury found hwer not guilty.[1]

What's that saying?  "Texas juries sometimes find that someone just needs shooting."

[1] "Woman to Face Murder Charge," Waxahachie [Tex.] Daily Light, Feb. 8, 1909, 1; “Four People Wounded,” Palestine [Tex.] Daily Herald, Feb. 4, 1909, 2; “Jury Verdict Not Guilty,” Liberty [Tex.] Vindicator, Feb. 11, 1910, 1.

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