Friday, July 17, 2020

Is Not Wearing a Mask "Patriotic"?

There seem to be people who think not wearing a mask is patriotic.  Huh?  They are a nuisance to wear (hot, glasses steaming up, remembering to grab them as you leave the car).  On the other hand, when I sneeze, car paint jobs are at risk.

There has been some question as to whether masks do any good for either wearer or others, but if they are even slightly effective, and they reduce deaths or illnesses for yourself or others, wear them.  There is nothing patriotic about putting others at risk.  

At Bible study Monday night, I argued to the pastor (who indicated that he would discuss it with the elders) in favor of strongly encouraging waering of masks to church.  We have a number of elderly members who have been reluctant to come out of fear of infection.  Masking up is simply good manners to those at enhanced risk.


  1. How did we get to this place in life we fear life itself?

  2. The evidence that wearing masks protects other is solid, and it is becoming more clear that masks also protect the wearer, perhaps to a lesser amount. I followed the original SARS outbreak as it happened, reading the epidemiologists' direct reports, and studies. As a result, I started wearing a mask if around others outside my household in early March.

    As a conservative and Trump supporter, I am frequently distressed when I see other conservatives making stupid claims...

    "Masks don't work because the virus is too small" - that's superficially reasonable but just wrong. Viruses usually come in droplets large enough to be caught. Even the smaller particles in "aerosols" are often caught by a mask due to electrostaic attraction.

    The experience of east Asian countries, both in this epidemic and the first SARS outbreak shows the value.

    "Masks violate my civil rights" - seriously? Perhaps some history is needed: governments have long had very strong powers in the public health area. If you think masks are a violation of your rights, how about quarantine? How about entire cities blocked off (1918 flu epidemic in the US)?

    For that matter, as a Vietnam vet and someone who remembers the draft... give me a break! What a bunch of wusses! Have these clowns ever served, do they have any idea of the rights you give up in the service - either voluntarily like myself, or because you were drafted?

    "Masks are harmful to the wearer" - tell that to medical workers who have long worn them for many hours every day! Only a few people suffer actual harm from masks, and those people are not in good shape.

    "The Coronavirus is a scam perpetrated by Democrats to defeat Trump" - seriously? Then why is virtually every country in the world taking strong steps against the epidemic? Are they all out to hurt Trump?

    The last one is a bit understandable - Democrats of course seize on this as an opportunity to bash Trump, and he does them a favor by offering silly sound bites on the topic at times. But no, it ain't a hoax! If Fauci voted for Hillary, does that mean he isn't an eminent epidemiologist who says what he thinks needs to be said for the health of the people?? Good grief!

  3. iosef: I fear neither life nor death, but COVID is both awful to have and an awful way to die, unable to breathe.

  4. StormCchasr: The masks are annoying to wear. But if it saves me or someone else from getting it, it's worth it.

  5. I am a registered nurse educator and hold a masters degree; I have read much of the research around this virus as it is developed myself..

    Against most Viruses, even ones in droplets (which can dry out and then become free-floating virus particles), the only correct answer is to obtain N95 level medical grade respirators, and have your at-risk elders wear those to protect themselves.

    Air leaks out of the sides, top, and bottom of any mask of lesser (cloth, paper) quality (your glasses fog up right? Air leaking). This does NOT prevent viral transmission, given close enough contact (<6 feet) for long enough time (>15 minutes). That leaking air gains enough viral particulate to infect someone. That's why nurses wear regular masks in the hallways nowadays (just in case) and the N95 in a patient room.

    An N95 mask ON a person needing to be protected is THE answer, or they should STAY HOME regardless of the use or non use of other masks in that kind of setting.

  6. I was going to type a thing, then saw StormCchaser's post and he said it all.

    I care for covid patients for 12-hour shifts 3 nights a week, have since early March. Among our staff 2 have caught it. I'd say either it isn't very contagious, or the masks work pretty darned well. And we know it's contagious.