Thursday, July 16, 2020

Why the Left is Inciting Race War

The National Museum of African-American History & Culture (part of the Smithsonian) informs us about white culture:

Note the discussion of family structure.  This might have been true in 1950 or 1960, but no longer.  And the "Emphasis on Scientific Method"?  "Objective, rational, linear thinking":  Did the Klan write this?  White people believe in science.  Others, not so much.  "Future orientation":  Yes, I gladly acknowledge that as part of my values.  And it pays off in happiness and economic stability.  Again, by implication, blacks lack this.  "Present orientation" is a characteristic of poor people.  Did the Klan write this as a glorification of whiteness and a denigration of being black?

It just struck me that the idiots responsible for this are trying to upvote ghetto culture; this is a list of where poor blacks (unlike middle and upper class blacks) have failed to accept healthy values which are hardly white.  The alternative is to look at three possible explanations for why a minority of blacks are a constant disaster:

1. There is something that was broken by the perverse incentives of the Great Society.

2. The public education system that does an especially bad job in the ghettos might need reform or demolition.

3. Individuals making bad choices (present orientation).


  1. The individual is the primary unit. True. Close second is family. This is whiteness?

  2. I notice that the figure used to illustrate "Rugged Individualism" is black.
    With a barbell, indicating the lifting of weights, which is the common activity in prisons. Who put up this graphic? Is this a black organization or a white "Supremacist" organization?

    And when is it "Minority rule"? I only hear about compromise with the losers when the Democrats are in the minority in Congress, when it's all supposed to be "Hands across the Aisle", do it our way so everyone is happy. When the Republicans aka the Whites for this graphic are the minority, it's all about "We won, we rule, we have a mandate for our way."

    And as for spelling conventions being "white", written words are keys to unlock the ideas of your writing in the mind of the reader, and if you misspell words, it's like a bad key you have to jiggle to get to work in the lock. It slows you through the door, it distracts the reader from the flow of your argument. If you want to convince me quickly and easily, spell words correctly.

  3. Steve Sailor pointed out this is a good "How to Get to the Moon by 1969" poster.

  4. Yup.

    My Grandfather claimed that the Great Society and the rest of the social programs were aimed at removing the family structure in black society. He claimed that the marriage rate for blacks was HIGHER than for whites in the '30's and before. His belief was that the social programs were designed to remove the need for a father figure and the result would be chaos. SO fa, he appears to be correct.

    As far as "Future orientation": this is true of many poor folks, moreso blacks, less so whites. It is a significant part of why they are "poor".

  5. Lets see now, written history traces itself to Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. In truth White European history is a late comer.

    A single god maybe viewed as European, but the Moslem tradition is the better example of "No Tolerance for deviation from single god concept."

    "Bland is best??" Obviously never been to Spain, Italy or Greece for their food. You would think Europe was just Germany and Potato Pancakes.

    "Children should have own rooms, be independent??" I slept on the top bunk with my brother below me for over a decade. Next room over had my two sisters. Independent, mom made the meals, I helped with garbage and other chores, everyone had their jobs. You only became independent after high school/college when you moved out.

  6. Holidays based on Christian religion.
    This is white? More likely the majority is Christian.

    Another odd one: Heavy value on ownership of goods, space, property.
    That is because property rights are a human right.

    Intent counts.
    No it doesn't. Marxists might have had all the good intentions in the world but their track record of murdering by the tens of millions is why they belong on the scrap heap of history.

    Master and control nature.
    What is wrong with this? Fire is nature. It is great for heating the house, cooking food, generating power, etc. This is control. Wildfires on the other hand are incredibly destructive. So yes, you want to control nature in this regard.

    The King's English rules.
    This is whiteness? No, it is just that the majority speaks English.