Friday, July 3, 2020

Remove All Statues!

Gandhi is now on the cancel list, not just in California (where he used to a progressive saint) but across the world.  Gandhi had some serious faults, including not being sufficiently "woke" to meet our rapidly evolving standards of perfection.  

Because no person is perfect,  the solution is obvious: take down all statues, even Stalin, Lenin,  and Marx.  (Okay I know that last one is a non-starter at Ivy League schools.)  We can recognize the weaknesses and defects of historical figures without destroying their statues.  

The elk statue does not deserve such treatment.   Perhaps Antifa can settle for using .50 BMG AP on it instead.  (Somewhere there is a species with grievances against these lumbering beasts.)


  1. It won't stop, and it hasn't stopped at statues of Confederates or slave-owning historical figures. The idea is to erase the past, and particularly the idea that the Constitution is worth anything to modern man.
    Defund the police? Defund it at the local level and replace it with a national police. They will investigate robbery, theft and murder if they have to, but mostly they will investigate me for commenting here, and you, for posting such hateful postings. I wish it were not so, but one must think two steps ahead of the Leftists, knowing their ultimate goal is central control of everyone and everything.

  2. I had my doubts the vandals would go after this, but after the elk statue I'm not so sure.