Thursday, July 9, 2020

Do Not Get Too Loosy-Goosy About COVID Yet

Just like SARS, some people are recovering with long-term health problems. At least one person needed a lung transplant.   Keep masked in public and pretend that every public surface was last touched by someone time traveling from 1348.

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  1. I spent about a week wearing mostly N-95 masks while working in a very moldy rv. Turns out the masks have a very serious health impact on me. Causes my PVC's* to activate while lowering my pulse rate, and my blood oxygen to drop. Even the medical type mask has some effect, although not as severe as the better mask does.

    *Premature Ventricular Contractions. (had an attack at age 27. Heart Doc said it was the only type of heart attack that doesn't do any physical damage, but can kill you if it doesn't stop. Certain conditions are needed to touch off one of these attacks, and one condition should not occur anymore, normally)