Saturday, July 25, 2020

Portland City Government is Accomplishing Something Amazing!

7/24/20 New York Post:
Last month, Wheeler disbanded the Gun Violence Reduction Unit, claiming it unfairly targeted blacks. In the weeks since, there has been a 380 percent increase in shootings compared with the same time frame last year.
Is there anyone besides me who hears a Klansmen's idea there?  "Gun violence is a black thing."

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  1. Remember the 2nd Amendment rally in Virginia where the democrats and most of the media were clutching their pearls anticipating a violent protest that never happened. Whelp, Richmond finally got is riot. Excuse me, raucous protest.

    "A city dump truck was set on fire as protesters faced off with police in Virginia’s capital during a demonstration in support of protesters on the other side of the country in Portland, Oregon.

    Virginia State Police and Richmond police said they worked to clear the crowd of a several hundred demonstrators late Saturday that had ripped down police tape and moved forward with lasers and firecrackers. City police declared an “unlawful assembly” around 11 p.m., and what appeared to be tear gas was deployed to disperse the group."