Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Peak Pretend Racism

ABC News complains about the Great White Outdoors in U.S.  They interview POCs about feeling unwanted or out of place.

As one of the comments observes: "We must immediately close down these stubborn bastions of self-segregation. If black folks wont take their kids in the family truckster, on a vacation they don’t want, then no one should be allowed to visit these parks! No justice, no parks!"

I keep wondering if there is a video equivalent of a sarc tag and where it is supposed to appear. Every American needs to watch this and ask why the Democrats are having to imagine racism. Is there not enough of the real thing?

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  1. There are a multitude of attitudes about going into the wild, going into the timber, hiking, canoeing; whatever wildland activity. I have had doctors who craved getting into their timber, but needed someone with them to keep them from getting lost in a small acreage. I have had farmers who own many hundreds of acres who were unbelievably apprehensive about going into their own timber. My favorite was the guy who said, "Let's just walk around it out here in the bean field." Me, I dread ticks and chiggers. You never get used to painful itchy legs. I have nearly drowned, should have been burned up a couple times, been assaulted by falling limbs and entire trees, been treated for Lyme disease on several occasions, but I never tire of being in the woods. Never got lost, either. Carry two compasses so your opinion is outvoted. I think more people would spend time in the out of doors if they just had a friend who would go with them and show them the way. The Park Service, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management can be a beneficial part of that process if they don't screw it up trying to over-engineer it.