Sunday, July 26, 2020

Did Gov. Newsom Just Go Full Nazi?

Our pastor said that John MacArthur's church, which had said that they were going to disobey Newsom's order to not meet, was stopped by shut off of power to the church.  Capstone Report quotes their Twitter feed:
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The local authorities say their plan is to shut off power to the church.
This is certainly better optics than sending the CHP in to arrest a whole church (which for that church, would likely exceed jail capacity for the entire county) but is clearly a violation of the "free exercise" clause of the First Amendment, especially because casinos remain open.

So did this actually happen?


  1. They didn't do this when the SLA was discovered in South Central Los Angeles, much to the distress of the Landlord who of course, "should have known better than to rent to such people."
    It was a joke, twenty years ago, "is YOUR church approved by the DHA -- or in this case, by the FDA?

  2. It was not a joke originally. "Is YOUR church approved by the ATF?" was a common bumpersticker back about '93-'94, in response to the ATF assaulting the Branch Dividian compound outside Waco TX, and intentionally burning the occupants to death after the FBI took over.