Thursday, July 2, 2020

Learning by Doing is Slower Than Planning Better

I mentioned a couple months ago my efforts to create a mounting attachment for a 0x finder for Big Bertha.  When it came time to make use of it, I discovered that putting two finders on the same mount point really did not work.  The 9x60 finder and the 0x finder were too close to each other to avoid interference between the controls.  So I am working on a mounting bracket that clamps to the 1/2" thick ring that holds the diagonal spider.  I have run out of the vast quantities of black Delrin that came out of the Scoperoller business, so I used some red oak instead.  (Baltic birch would better match the wood on that ring, but it splinters badly when machined.  Also, drilling a hole charred the wood.) 

Fortunately, scrap Delrin is readily available on eBay and cheap enough that driving to Interstate Plastics in Boise makes no sense.

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