Saturday, July 4, 2020

Really Stupid

Blockade an Interstate highway at night.  They get hit and call 911 to get police to chase the driver.  Yeah, defund police and watch this become the norm.  Unpleasant to watch as bodies go flying.  The driver is being charged, but if I saw someone unlawfully blockading a highway, I would assume criminal intent, especially after the recent shooting of a driver in Provo.  Are these idiots trying to strengthen white racist movements? 

7/4/20 Associated Press names the driver: Dawit Kelete.  Some reports indicate an African immigrant.  His picture is here.  He is certainly black.  Of course, the idiots running this stupid stunt were whites exercising their privilege from the laws of physics and laws about pedestrians on highways and blockading public roads.

I had read that he was driving a Jaguar.  Here's a picture.  An XF, what I drive.  Clearly enjoying white privilege.

The video shows brake lights on before crash.  The claim is that the state police had blockaded the entrances to the Interstate to facilitate a criminal blockade of the freeway, and that the driver came up an offramp to get to them.  If so, likely a criminal intent.  Perhaps trying to get home faster than taking U.S. 99, the old road before I-5.

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