Monday, July 13, 2020

Gun Rights Favor

This page is a comprehensive list and text of peace-bond statutes in America before and during the 14th Amendment period.  Their side claims these laws show that open carry has never been lawful in America, based on these peace-bond laws.  This is not the permanent location for this page.  It will migrate to a law school soon.  I would appreciate you looking it over for typos and broken links.

Added a table of contents to the front.  If things have seemed a bit odd the last couple hours, this may explain it.

I also separated the Peace-Bond Statutes page from the Statutes of Northampton page.


  1. I noticed those when working on my compendium of when the first carry laws were enacted in each state and I didn't count those, although for my revision I will include them.

    My understanding of these laws is that they were the contemporary equivalent of a restraining order or "red flag" law. Only a liar or someone who failed reading comprehension would take them as a total ban. I haven't seen anyone present any compelling evidence the laws were used to totally disarm the public. It's like misconstruing NY's 1860 statutes on carrying a concealed dirk as being equivalent to the concealed firearm recommendation the legislature rejected from the penal code committee.

    Again I want to thank you for everything you've done to give those of us following behind an easier path.

  2. The link to Beccara's amicus brief is broken. It should be:

  3. John: That's Young v. Hawaii, which may contain the same errors, but not Baird v. Becerra.

  4. Clayton: I corrected some minor technical errors in the link that was originally there to get it to stop 404'ing - I have no idea whether the original link was to the correct brief or not... :)