Saturday, July 25, 2020

Good Planning

7/25/20 USA Today continues to call the rioters "protesters" but this made me chuckle:
As the night carried on protesters vigorously shook the fence surrounding the courthouse, shot fireworks towards the building and threw glass bottles. Many times these actions were met by federal agents using tear gas and flash bangs. 

The flow of tear gas caused protesters to disperse, some becoming sick as others remained towards the front of the courthouse with leaf blowers directing the gas back to the courthouse. Federal agents had leaf blowers of their own to counteract.
For your relatives who federal LEOs Gestapo or stormtroopers, remind them that instead of charging the arrested with federal crimes, the Gestapo would have just disappeared them.  Stormtroopers would have used MP40s to mow them down. 

1 comment:

  1. The new Gestapo is still awaiting in the wings. Today's protesters are the SA of 1930s Germany and the present protests are a running Krystillnacht. The night of the Long Knives is to come after November.