Thursday, July 9, 2020

Things That I Do Not Keep Around the House

Cash.  So many of these mass murders that I am reading are robberies, because the father (sometimes his widow) had a local reputation for keeping lots of money in the house.

Several commenters have suggested small denomination bills and keeping it silent that you keep cash around the house. Small bills has merit, assuming you are expecting the situation to recover, unlike The Road.  Many years ago, I talked to a guy who was living in Germany at the end of World War II.  He said gold jewelry was more useful than bullion.  (I was too polite to ask how he obtained gold bullion.)  "Try to get a haircut with a $50 bill."  Substitute a $100 or $500 bill today.


  1. SO don't have that reputation. But if things get pear shaped, having a few grand in $20 bills might be a handy thing.

    No one needs to know you have it until you need it.....

  2. Another blogger recommends the oppositeL Having a cash stash in case of emergency:

    I'll note that WRT the murders you mention, the victims "had a local reputation for keeping lots of money in the house." There is no need to have that reputation, or even for anyone to know that you have this cash.

    It is even reasonable to build it up slowly with small bills, as small bills may be the most useful if it is needed, and you don't have a curious teller knowing that you made a withdrawal to keep cash on hand.

  3. As Unknown implies, any large withdrawal may be deemed by your bank to be part of a structured movement of cash.

    Some years back, a blogger named "Ferfal", located in Argentina, which was experiencing social collapse and inflation suggested that gold chains were better for exchanging for cash since selling them looked like they were selling the wife's jewelry to get by, rather than liquidating one's prepper stash.