Tuesday, July 14, 2020

More Easily Offended Activists

SOUTH ROYALTON — Vermont Law School plans to paint over a mural in its student center that highlights Vermont’s role in the Underground Railroad and the abolitionist movement after members of the law school community objected to its depictions of African Americans and said it made some people uncomfortable.

VLS President and Dean Thomas McHenry said in a schoolwide email this week that students and alumni had raised concerns about the mural in the Chase Community Center, which was painted by Vermont-based artist Sam Kerson in 1993 with the school’s blessing, even winning recognition from The Christian Science Monitor at the time.

I find it artistically offensive but heaven forbid we portray a proud moment of blacks and whites working together to remove a dark stain from our history.

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  1. Artistic offensiveness never stopped the Left before, and the people offended by it should have to, as the Left demanded of people offended by them, to explain how it offended them, so they can be corrected in their thinking.