Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Far Too Much Time Went Into This

I have been working on relocating the 0x finder for Big Bertha, but it is finally complete.

Two pieces that clamp to the upper ring.  One is flat, the other has a channel .6" deep.  They are held together by 6-32 screws.  The top is through holes; the bottom is tapped. They were supposed to be identical in thickness, width, and length; but I only managed within .01", which was good enough for this application.

Another piece of acetal is perpendicular, held to the to clamp by 6-32 screws; again through holes on top, tapped holes underneath.  The base for the finder is held to that piece with 6=32 screws into tapped holes.  The ugly mistakes (wrong position holes and counterbores) are hidden under the finder base.

Why 6-32?  Those taps are easy to break, and I broke one while doing so, but the finder base holes were that size, and there is no load carried by any of them.

Downside: adds a few ounces to front of scope, affecting balance slightly.  I have a easy, sleazy way to add weight on other side of altitude bearing, but I am looking for a way to do it that provides more precise adjustment.

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