Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Another WTF News Story

7/27/20 Daily Mail:

Women across the country are reporting a rise in 'aggressive eye contact' since the introduction of face coverings in some public places.

New laws introduced over the weekend force customers to wear face masks in all shops, stations, banks and post offices, while it is also mandatory to wear coverings on public transport.

But many women have been sharing stories online of 'aggressive eye contact' and 'hard staring' from men wearing masks, with one tweeting: 'Grown men staring at you with a mask on is worse than when they don't have a mask.'

Another explanation: Do I know this woman, but do not recognize her with the mask? 


  1. Aggressive eye contact? Really? Get a life

  2. What's next? Aggressive thoughts from the person walking in front of you whose face/eyes you haven't seen?
    It really is a case of, "That thing you imagined he did three months ago? He should be in trouble for that again." Or "Of course I care about what you think about what you thought I thought."

  3. There is also the 'hijab effect'. When you see a woman without a mask these days, she looks a little hotter than before social distancing!

  4. Clearly, American Women have become too fragile to be in public in mixed company....They should be segregated in public spaces and public transportation...Perhaps wear distinctive, and fully-enclosing clothing.

  5. A better explanation is narcissistic, personality-disordered women.