Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Arguing With Gun Control Crazies at The Atlantic

Pointed out that we don't condemn all gun owners for the actions of one crazy and compared it to beer.
so you think guns and beer drinking are the one and the same?
In 2010, more than 11,000 drunk driving deaths.
Among the 11.1 million victims of violence each year, 1 in 4 were certain that the offender had been drinking before committing the crime.
It is well established that alcoholics have a very high suicide rate. The evidence is of two kinds: a) Follow up studies of alcoholics consistently reveal high suicide rates. Several elements probably contribute: 1. Alcohol dependence often leads to social decline-break up of marriage, loss of job and family ties-and the resulting social isolation is a potent cause of suicide. 2. Alcohol dependence leads to loss of self esteem and hence to depression and these psychological changes predispose to suicide. 3. Intoxication produces increased impulsiveness and a weakening of normal restraints against dangerous behavior.
I am bot unreasonable.
1. Mandatory background checks for every alcohol purchase. Felons, DUI convicts, and domestic violence misdemeanants prohibited. 2. One six-pack or one bottle of wine per day. Who needs more than that? 3. Distilled spirits have no legitimate need in a polite society. Everyone knows high alcohol percentages are part of the problem. Completely ban them. 4. Mandatory serial numbers on every alcoholic beverage container so that when teenagers are arrested, we can track it back to the retail customer. 5. Every vendor will keep records for 20 years of all beverages. 6. Brewers and distillers will be held liable for every violent crime or traffic accident caused by their product. 7. You cannot buy distilled liquor outside your state of residence. Just like you want for guns! 1, 4, 5, and 7 are current federal gun law. 2, 3, and 6 are the alcohol equivalent of what the control movement wants.

Some of the pro-gun control commenters are capable of intelligent conversation.  Some like MVP are convinced that machine guns are "banned," because they are licensed for ownership.


  1. I cover this topic in my essay, "Is the damage to society from the misuse of guns worth the freedom to have guns?" at

  2. And don't forget, the fact that people who have never driven while drunk or beaten or murdered someone while drunk are still partially to blame because their purchase of alcoholic beverages contributes to the economy of scale which allowed the perpetrator to buy alcohol on the cheap and become the raging alcoholic able to commit the heinous acts.
    But of course somehow when I pop that argument on the frothing-mouthed Leftists I know, that will be desperately and hysterically distinguished without the use of reason and logic, but with the use of lots of volume.