Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Does Anyone Really Use Office 365 Outlook?

College of Western Idaho does, and it so slow responding to mouse clicks and keystrokes as to be nearly useless.  It isn't the connection speed; lots of other web-based email systems work just fine.


  1. Have you tried to connect to your mail account from your mobile phone or a version of outlook on a home computer? I work for a company with office 365 in the cloud and our exchange servers are hosted there with Microsoft. No one uses the web interface in Office 365 online. We have E3/E4/E5 licenses that give us a local copy of office 365 on our computers. This is the outlook you are used to using. At home I have office 2013 and with that older version of outlook, I can connect to office 365 mail like you would with your internet provider's email service. All of them run at good speeds, even the outlook app on my android phone.

  2. I have Office 2010, and won't ever be getting an upgrade to it, mostly because I don't want all my stuff going to the Cloud.

    For that reason, and others, I'm also using Windows 7 Ult. and won't be "up"grading to Windows 10; when 7's useful days are over, I'll be migrating to whatever Linux version looks the best.

    Microsoft's vision just doesn't seem to match up with mine, and I've gotten really tired of having to relearn everything that I do with each new release. Nor do I like being forced into the Cloud.

    MS has lost me as a customer, but I'm sure they'll do fine without me; and I'll do just fine without them.