Monday, October 9, 2017

A Place I Know Well in Flames

10/9/17 San Francisco Chronicle Reports on enormous fire damage in Sonoma and Napa counties north of San Francisco. Reading the list of neighborhoods where I often transported my children that are burned out is sobering.  Some are poor people areas (or they were when I lived there) but also includes some of the nicest,  most expensive developments as well. A lot of people are suffering the combination of a very wet winter and high winds now.

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  1. Monday morning in Alameda smelled like the neighbors had just started a barbecue and a campfire at the same time. Smell was pretty strong in downtown SF, too. Friends on facebook reported smelling the fires as far south as Fremont and Redwood City.

    The fires moved *fast*. The fires started at 10pm Sunday night at the earliest, and were causing evacuations of the Kaiser and Sutter hospitals in Santa Rosa by 6am. The wind was gusting over 60 mph that night. Last night, calm. Gusts to 3 mph. But there is still almost no containment.

    Luther Burbank Center lost some secondary structures, but not the main building. Fountaingrove Hotel is gone. Charles Schulz Museum is in the evacuation area, but there are no reports of damage there.