Friday, October 6, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Murderer's Overseas Trips

In addition to his frequent forays into casinos and gun shops, Las Vegas strip killer Stephen Paddock took 20 cruises, many of them in Europe and the Middle East, investigators have learned.

The cruises included stops at ports in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, according to information provided by a law enforcement source who asked not to be identified because the source was not authorized to share information about the investigation. Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, accompanied him on nine of the cruises.
So we can just ignore ISIS's claims.  10/6/17 U.K. Sun (a pretty tabloidy paper):
Police believe Paddock had been plotting an escape route after finding he had lined the inside and outside of his room with surveillance cameras to spot officers approaching.
Authorities found 1,600 rounds of ammunition and 50 pounds of explosives in the former millionaire and prolific gambler's car.
The notion that this could have been an ISIS attack on the C&W concert?  10/6/17 NBC New York:
Three men living outside the U.S. planned to attack concerts, Times Square and crowded subways in 2016 in an ISIS-inspired attack that one of the suspects said he hoped would be "the next 9/11," authorities announced on Friday afternoon.

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