Thursday, October 5, 2017

Florida's Law Banning Open Carry May Be Going to the U.S. Supreme Court

The 1893 statute we need to trace the history of is ch. 4928 banning open carry of firearms without a license, approved June 2, 1893.  The Florida State Senate journals for 1893 are here.  Can some of you grab a day (usually just a few pages) and look for this bill?  In comments, identify what day you are reading, and report back discoveries.


  1. I'm taking a look at May 1 -10 as and when I want distraction. Started with May 10:

    5_10_93, first page, second leaf:

    Senate bill 233,

    An act to require persons to take out licenses to carry certain kinds of firearms on or about their persons.

  2. 05_08_92:

    Undoubtedly not related, but amendments to the proposed act to establish municipality of Sanford contain some language on carrying of weapons --
    House Bill 161 on page 195 (page 8 of PDF, second leaf)

  3. 5_08_93, page 491 and 492 (PDF page 6, right leaf, and 7, left):

    Senate Bill No 206:

    "A bill to be entitled an act to amend Sections 2421, 2423 and 2425 and to repeal section 2422 of the Revised Statuesof the state o Florida, relating to the carrying of cocealed weapons, Was read the second time in full, and passed informally, subject to call"

  4. 5_09_93, page 503, 504 ( in the pdf; page 3 right and page 4 left):

    Reports of committees, Judiciary, on Senate Bill 14:

    "A bill to be entitles an act to punish the carrying of certain descriptions of firearms without license"

  5. P 504: Judiciary committee, Senate Bill 32:

    A bill to be entitled an act to prevent lawlesness, and to regulate carrying, ownership and use of all kinds of pistols and repeating rifles in this state.

    P 505: Senate Bill No 81: A bill to be entitled an act to prescribe the conditions under which a certain class of firearm may be carried -- recommends passage of a substitute in lieu therof:

    . .. . unlawful to carry within this state any long-range repeating firearms, without first obtaining from the county judge of some county of the state a permit for that purpose. ...upon filing with such judge a bond in the penal sum of five hundred dollars, with two good and sufficient sureties