Sunday, October 8, 2017

Too Many Title Choices to Pick Just One

Drop the shoelace and step away!
This shoe store doesn't have a Class III license.
I've always worn Nikes!
Why are you serving a search warrant on my closet?

My friend gun rights attorney Dave Hardy pointed me to this page that makes wonder how many beers and IQ points were required to make the machine gun shoelace.  That page has the official BATF letter classifying a shoelace as a machine gun.

I'm not sure I would do this with a valuable gun, or one firing a high powered cartridge (is that a Mini-14 or a Garand?)  But on a cheap .22 semiauto, it might work well.  Doesn't the spread of shoelace technology risk semiauto bans?  Get to work: Let's see the umbrella & thong mechanism to make your bolt action a machine gun.  What do you need for the lever action?


  1. Has anyone ever clocked the rate of fire of the Rifleman's winchester lever action. Oh, right, limited to 8 rounds, fixed tubular.

  2. John Browning's first experiments in semi/full auto involved using a lever action gun with a nose cap over the muzzle linked back to the lever mechanism.