Saturday, October 28, 2017

Not Big on Conspiracy Theories, But This Stinks

A laptop found inside Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite after he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history was missing a hard drive, a federal official said Wednesday.
Investigators suspect Paddock removed the hard drive from the laptop after he opened fire from his high-rise suite at Mandalay Bay into a crowd at a country music festival, killing 58 people and wounded hundreds of others, the official said.
One hard drive?  Or all?  What is a laptop without a hard drive?  Have you ever seen a floppy drive laptop?  I have when most of you were in diapers.  Imagine booting Windows 7 from floppies.  Why would Paddock remove it after he opened fire?  That is not something you are going to do in a hurry, and if he did that, where is the drive?  If you don't want lunatic conspiracy theories, don't release implausible claims like this.  As my posting about the JFK documents pointed out, CIA considered false flag terrorist attacks.

10/25/17 ABC News reports he bought software for erasing files permanently from his hard drive.  Why?  I would not buy such software because there are free programs to do this, but it certainly gets curiouser and curiouser.  Was he afraid his porn browsing habits were going damage his obviously sterling reputation?


  1. Nothing about the Las Vegas shooting makes any sense, when all known "facts" are considered together.

    There are stacks of videos available. Not one of them shows any gunfire flashes from the room supposedly used by Paddock for the attacks. Pictures taken in sunlight the next day show broken-out windows; but no one saw any light from that room anytime after the police broke into that room- I assume they turned the lights on, so why didn't anyone see the light shining out?

    Who exactly is Paddock? The original "nowhere man," with no past, no pictures, no friends, no social media.

    The "leaked pictures" of the room- who leaked them? Why? How come none of them show a mountain of brass from the hundreds/thousands of shots? Why do these pictures look staged? Isn't it nice that they included a picture of a small hammer- does anyone think that one of those thick storm-rated windows could be broken by a little hammer like that?

    Who is Paddock's mysterious girlfriend, and why don't we hear any more about her?

    The questions go on and on and on; the "official" story could be debunked by a Jr. High school kid who's read the Hardy Boys- and of course we'd have to specify *which* official story; I think there are 3 now, all different.

    There's some good speculation about it all, over at The Conservative Treehouse; but no one will ever know, if the authorities don't start telling the truth.

    Which at this point looks unlikely. Something's afoot, but what? My guess is another Fast & Furious, to pave the way for more Gun Control. (No one seemed to care that F&F caused hundreds of deaths; it wasn't until that Border Patrolman got killed that any action was taken to shut it down.)

  2. As noted we still do not have even a list of the (is it still 28) guns he had in the room and or how many he actually fired in the attack. We hear he had tripods, but no info on which guns were mounted (or if any of these were bump stock or worse). They have gone from saying he tried to buy tracer rounds, to he actually did but didn't use them, to that he had incendiary rounds and was trying to explode nearby jet fuel tanks.

    It took twenty years and a movie by Oliver Stone to convince people something stunk on the Kennedy Assassination. We already have a problem with this event and it's barely a month old.

  3. How come none of them show a mountain of brass from the hundreds/thousands of shots?

    Thrown forward out of the window? More problematic perhaps is that his face didn't appear to be blackened by gas and incompletely burned powder, but that also depends on exactly which rifles he used.

    Mark Steyn forwarded us the best "theory of the case" I've heard so far, which fits either a conspiracy or lone wolf, that this was very specifically designed to whip up anti-gun hysteria by providing no specific motive or explanation.

    For whatever reasons, and it can't hurt that GOPe Senators are rapidly deciding or being forced to spend more time with their families in 2019, that got nowhere, so....