Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why the Left Was So Upset About Trump's Crudity

It isn't just Weinstein who can't keep his hands to himself.  Ben Affleck, very nearly the archetypal Hollywood leftist is now being accused.  This video includes a contemporary accusation.  (About 40 seconds in.)  10/10/17 New York Times article from a former Weinstein employee  even draws the analogy:
When I founded Talk magazine in 1998 with Miramax, the movie company Harvey founded with his brother Bob, I also took over the running of their fledgling book company with Jonathan Burnham as editor in chief. Strange contracts pre-dating us would suddenly surface, book deals with no deadline attached authored by attractive or nearly famous women, one I recall was by the stewardess on a private plane. It was startling — and professionally mortifying — to discover how many hacks writing gossip columns or entertainment coverage were on the Miramax payroll with a “consultancy” or a “development deal” (one even at The New York Times)....
What I learned about Harvey in the two years of proximity with him at Talk was that nothing about his outward persona, the beguiling Falstaffian charmer who persuaded — or bamboozled — me into leaving The New Yorker and joining him, was the truth. He is very Trumpian in that regard.

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  1. There's a concept in criminal law called "Transferred Intent". If someone intends to kill person A but misses and accidentally kills person B. the intent to murder is transferred. Leftists, particularly Hollywood Leftists (but I repeat myself) could not be furious at Weinstein for molesting them, so they have to imagine that the crude Trump does the same thing and so reserve their anger and bile for him. It's more than mere projection, it's a transfer from the untouchables to the ineffables.