Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More Oddities About Vegas Shooter

10/11/17 New York Daily News reports another employee shot at before the murders started:
A hotel engineer at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino says he radioed for help as soon as gunman Stephen Paddock started shooting at him and a security guard.
“I could feel them (bullets) pass right behind my head,” engineer Stephen Schuck told NBC News’ “Today” on Wednesday. “Something hit me in the back.”
Schuck was on a higher level of the Las Vegas hotel on Oct. 1 when he got a call to look at a fire exit door that wouldn’t open on the 32nd floor.
That’s the same floor where Paddock would fire on a concert 1,200 feet below, killing at least 58 people.
New details released earlier this week indicate Paddock shot hotel security guard Jesus Campos six minutes before he shot at the crowd — contradicting an earlier statement that he was wounded after the mass shooting began.
Hotel security knows someone is shooting people on the 32nd floor.  Why didn't police go directly to that floor?  Conspiracy theories are stupid, but this story gets harder and harder to understand.  10/11/17 CBS News is reporting similarly:
LAS VEGAS -- A maintenance worker said Wednesday he told hotel dispatchers to call police and report a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel before the shooter began firing from his high-rise suite into a crowd at a nearby musical performance.
The revised timeline has renewed questions about whether better communication might have allowed police to respond more quickly and take out the gunman before he committed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
Worker Stephen Schuck says he was checking out a report of a jammed fire door on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay when he heard gunshots and a hotel security guard, who had been shot in the leg, peeked out from an alcove and told him to take cover.
Those want to believe this is a conspiracy need to explain why the lamestream media are providing so much conflicting and confusing evidence.  They aren't letting it settle into the conventional explanation: the guns dragged him into the hotel room and seduced them with their magnificent length and firmness.


  1. I thought I read somewhere that the police spent considerable time clearing out guest rooms in floors above and below the 32nd before storming the shooter's room in order to provide for the safety of hotel guests.

  2. Because fog of war.

    Literally in this case.

    6 minutes is a REALLY short time to everybody BUT the guy sitting on the floor bleeding out.

  3. Now comes an even worse question. If the guard and engineer were fired on first, what was he waiting for regarding the concert. Was there a particular act he was waiting for?

    Also, now it is said he fired incendiary rounds. Last time I checked those are not legal to buy over the counter. Would they have ignited the jet fuel tanks, I am unsure. But Tracer rounds would not have so I am concerned that the change in story from tracer rounds to incendiary rounds is because someone wanted to make their story stand-out.

  4. "...1,200 feet below..." They have 35' ceilings on each floor?

  5. I hope they mean horizontal distance.

  6. Let me put on my "Journalist hat" it's the one with the integral blindfold and earplugs.
    "But that was someone shooting INSIDE the hotel, not from it outside."