Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Conspiracy Theorists

My friend Dave Burnett informed of the correct response to conspiracy theorists: one up them!

"We never went to the Moon!"

"You believe in the Moon?"

"The Bush Administration blew up the World Trade Center."

"I've never been in the WTC.  How do you know it existed on 9/10?  Do you know anyone who ever worked there?"  (Phrase carefully, I have seen the giant inflatable balloons commonly called the WTC from New Jersey in 1999.)

Please: add your own favorite conspiracy theories and snappy comebacks.  I am sure my clever readers can come up many golden moments.


  1. Not a snappy or clever comeback (sorry), but my response to the Moon Hoax loonies is that in the 1960s it was easier to go to the moon than it would have been to fake it that well.

  2. "You believe in the Moon?" Cf.

    Heard in an offline conversation: There never was a World Trade Center; it was actually a giant pair of stereo speakers.

    Seen on CompuServe in the 1990s: If you put fluoride in the microwave, you can clearly hear the "Internationale" in the sound it makes when it boils.