Monday, October 30, 2017

Either a Very Good Fake Or Very Curious

Pretty Deep In You Can Hear Air Traffic Control Tell Airliners There Are Active Shooters on the Runway

Multiple Shooters Reported by Las Vegas Airport Control Tower! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

I can see how an ATC could be silenced after the fact by a threatened transfer to Nome ATC, but multiple pilots would have heard this.  Where are they?  Can we authenticate this tape?

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  1. We cannot authenticate this tape, because it's ludicrous nonsense.

    "Sure, active shooters at McCarran, but nobody got shot, nothing got hit, nobody at a hugely busy airport even noticed it!"

    (ATC could be silenced? Doubtful - no such transfer would happen to a "whistleblower" if it was true, plus ... the entire rest of the airport should know if ATC does.

    I don't mean literally everyone, but how'd ATC notice "active shooters on the runway" and nobody else, not security, not maintenance, not any pilots on the ground?

    The FCC would ground every plane anywhere near such an incident for inspection for possible damage, instantly.)