Sunday, October 22, 2017

Always Follow the Links Back to Original Source

BreitbartNews ran a story about an illegal immigrant being arrested for arson in the disastrous Santa Rosa fires.  It originated with Alex Jones,  who typifies "alt-right" or perhaps "alt-reality."  When he gets something right,  it is a red letter day,  and likely an accident.  He attracts people who lack the wit to recognize they are being played.   Why BreitbartNews grabbed this mystified me.  Never blog something until you get back to the original source.  If there does not seem to be one,  like the hockey stick contempt of court story,  it is probably false;  almost CNN level.


  1. Two issues with your post:

    Alex Jones is not Alt Right, if for no other reason than that he's Alt Reality as you noted.

    The single most horrifying thing about the 2016 US Presidential election is that his is no longer a source that you can automatically disregard.

    Seriously; the "red letter days" when it's correct are now a lot more common. A clear sign of the end times.

    As for the "hockey stick contempt of court story", perhaps that's a very garbled version of how Mann sued people and orgs that called out his hockey stick? See Mark Steyn, the last remaining defendant, for lots more.

  2. What news stories has InfoWars led on that were correct?

    The suit against Steyn is a different suit from the one in BC.

  3. And Steyn's commentary says nothing about the data request being a contempt of court issue.

  4. What news stories has InfoWars led on that were correct?

    Can't remember, it's very much not a site I pay attention to, except for that one story based on a clerk mislabeling an ammo buy for NOAA's Fish Police as being for the National Weather Service, and I was very distracted at the time buying, renovating, and moving into my first house. As I recall, there were at least 3 during the 2016 campaign season, enough to elevate this from happenstance and coincidence.

  5. Breitbart is "Right red-meat clickbait" anymore.

    Emphasis on clickbait.